Sensory garden/vehicle bridge @govergreenspace

by Gover Green Space CIC in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

Sensory garden/vehicle bridge  @govergreenspace

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We urgently need a vehicle access bridge and safe parking as we create a dementia garden and sensory woodland walk safe access is vital

by Gover Green Space CIC in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

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On the 1st April 2021 we'd raised £160 with 8 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.



At the beginning of the lockdown in March we began work to clear some of the field to create a flower patch. A number of people who walked past would stop at the gate and ask what was being done. This soon became people wanting to come and help or just visit the green space to see what it was all about.

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Now the space is open to the public at the weekend when there are eggs for sale from Lynne's chickens and ducks and in the summer we had bunches of flowers and some plants. We support the bumble bee conservation trust with donations and planted the garden with pollinators in mind.1614839050_7c811cd0-2cb0-4fcd-a47c-bee21f93404a.jpeg



For some living alone out on daily exercise we became a place to stop safely for a chat and an update, which for some the only interaction all week

A lot of families and children also visit, loving the space to explore and run around in.


We are very pleased to welcome Dolly a pets as therapy dog and her handler Jane to the team, they are both very experienced and eager to meet our community. Dolly is especially great with children and has worked  in primary schools as well as in care homes and with dementia sufferers. 1614827638_23bad31d-82b3-44cf-a900-3153e0d820c1.jpeg

There are lots of interested community groups keen to use  the space and we are continuing to network among our community.

The greenspace welcomed The School  Of  make for a youth jewellery making workshop and soup from miss   Elvy. Despite the weather they had a great day and will be back. 1614830964_72709e1f-1d6a-4bf3-86bb-e2490ba96732.jpeg

Although corona virus has limited all our lives we have seen the benefits of the field amoung our volunteers and visitors, The bright displays of flowers bought a smile to many all summer and conversation starter for many who otherwise may of passed by. 1614830032_997d4d54-c47a-463b-88ee-3b61c4976723.jpeg

We have just received funding from the National Lottery to help get us up and running with electric, water and a workshop with compost toilet. This is fantastic and with this help we can really get the plans for our community minded space into action.

1614839278_eee91d2a-cf2d-489f-97c2-89ccc7ea4292.jpeg  We want to be able to offer our space to community groups /organisations and individuals of all ages and abilities as a safe place  to be involved with arts and crafts activities/workshops and horticulture or just enjoy a tranquil walk in the growing agriforest, and planned sensory garden.


To be able to safely include as many members of our community as possible we desperately need vehicle access. We have planning permission but need to fundraise for the riverbed testing, bridge drawings and construction. For many of the groups planning to visit it is vital that they can safely park and enter the garden without hazard.1614830266_570f3436-ab5b-40fb-81e2-afe84da36f39.jpeg

We have a lovely local contractor due to begin work preparing the trenches for the water and electric too be put in ready to supply the craft room/workshop which begin construction soon. We can then have tea and cake! As well as a secure dry space to hold events /activities and workshops with different groups.

The Gover valley is rich in history ,which we also hope to bring alive.

Our primary objective is to provide a safe and friendly outdoor space for anyone in St Austell and the wider community to use to connect with nature and the environment in order to benefit their personal health and well being. To ensure the social inclusion of anyone who may be excluded by being disadvantaged, isolated by Covid or more vulnerable because of memory loss. Ensuring these individuals can access our new woodland walk and sensory garden will mean they and their carers and family may also find support outdoors and enhance their well being and quality of life.

  Whether diagnosed or not we aim to provide for those suffering memory loss and their carers to be able to regularly enjoy the freedom of being outdoors, that we all know does make a difference to wellbeing. Connecting with nature and wildlife in the peaceful and tranquil surroundings of the Gover Valley., the professionally and carefully designed lay out of the sensory garden space will ensure people visiting are supported to take part in activities which are carefully chosen to help with memory, communication and sense of identity.


The only sensory space provision in the St Austell area, our memory focused garden is designed to be dementia friendly and stimulate all the senses, eg smelling different flowers, feeling different textures , seeing different habitats, plants and animals, hearing different sounds like bird song, running water and music.


 An equally important aim is that our woodland walk and sensory garden will benefit carers as well as people suffering memory loss, or other illness. 1614831210_d7e4485f-0499-469c-b5ac-a81c037d7075.jpeg

Ultimately, with your help, we can make this happen. Together we can make a real and lasting difference for people in the community by ensuring our sensory garden and woodland walk is a place where anyone who wants to, can come along and enjoy connecting with others through a range of green space activities, or simply come along and just sit quietly, relax and reflect, everyone who wants to can experience the positive benefits of time spent out doors.


 We are raising funds and awareness of our project primarily for a vehicle access bridge. if you have any ideas/questions or can support us or if you are a civil engineer who can help us with the detailed drawings for the bridge please email us [email protected] 

or send us a message on Facebook @govergreenspace

Many thanks for the support we have already received. Watch this green space!

Directions from Asda to the Gover green space https://ww


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As a thank you for your support Collect a bunch of green space flowers in the summer and come and pay us a visit for a walk in the field and get involved if you like.

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