Let's make performance project goo:ga II a film!

by Hannah Ballou in London, England, United Kingdom

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Let's make performance project goo:ga II into a film!

by Hannah Ballou in London, England, United Kingdom

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Katherine Pryor 26th April 2021

Hannah, your creativity has always inspired me and this new project will, no doubt, do the same. Affirming that all will be well with you and your baby. I am grateful for you and miss you!!!!

Anna Ehnold-Danailov 24th April 2021

Dear Hannah, What a tough journey you are on. I hope you and the little spud will be ok. Sending you love and strength (and a little towards making your film happen)! Xxx Anna


This project offered rewards

£5 or more

goo:ga II THANKS

If you pledge £5+, you will receive a personalised e-invitation to the online premiere of goo:ga II and thanks in the credits!

£10 or more

goo:ga II THANKS even more

£10 + pledge will get you a personalised e-invitation to an IRL screening party in London at a future date, when such things are happening again.

£20 or more

The Life and Death of Marina Abramopug

For a pledge of £20+ you will get of the above plus you’ll receive a secret link and password to the video of a never-before-seen performance by Marina Abramopug; The Life and Death of Marina Abramopug. (Yes it is a Bob Wilson/Willem Dafoe/Marina Abramovic parody and yes, it is ridiculous!)

£40 or more

Nigel's Signature Paw Print

If you pledge £40+ you will receive all of the above, plus we’ll post you a limited edition autograph by of one of the posthumous stars of goo:ga I; Nigel the Pug (better known as his alter-ego, Marina Abramopug) in the form of his final paw prints taken after death. Morbid? You betcha! But still cute AF.

£60 or more

The Artist Is Present

Any pledgers pledging £60+ will receive all of the above, plus you’ll receive a limited edition triptych of Marina Abramopug postcards!

£80 or more

Signed Sonogram

A pledge of £80+ will get you all of the above, plus a signed sonogram image of the fetal star of goo:ga II. Is that a little creepy? YES! But this baby is a genuine medical anomaly, so it’s a true collector’s item. Plus, I’m proud of the little tyke in spite of the dodgy ticker so, like every other mum, am keen to push photos on people.

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