We support diverse young women from underrepresented backgrounds with digital media skills to tell their unique stories on the global stage. Our programmes include uur yearly Summer Academy, the newsroom, a mentorship programme and ongoing mini-trainings which help our graduates stay up to date with technological changes. Every other year, we run our fabulous GGM Film Festival, showcasing the work of female filmmakers from around the world - and that of our graduates of course! We exist to challenge the imbalanced media landscape, introducing new voices and messages which represent our diverse culture.



We are Global Girl Media UK (GGM UK). We have been empowering young women and non-binary people aged 14-22 from under-represented communities through digital journalism and media training since 2016. We provide the tools and platforms to help young women tell their stories with impact on the global media stage. 


The statement of need

In a world where 51% of the population is female, the voices and perspectives of young women are still largely absent from mainstream media. Across 114 countries, women comprise only 24% of the people we read about, see, or hear from on television, radio, and in the newspapers (UN Foundation).  

Our media and the stories we read and see tell us a lot about who we are as a society. The representation of girls and women is often sexist, stereotyped or simply non-existent. To achieve balanced content that truly represents our diverse society, we need to change the voices behind the messages - bringing more girls and young women, particularly those of colour, in to the conversation.  

This is where Global Girl Media UK comes in.

  • AGENCY Global Girls gain up-to-date technical skills to produce ethical and impactful journalistic media. They master video production, editing, writing and journalism skills while creating great content.
  • ACCESS Our graduates gain access to mentors and job opportunities that build the self- esteem and confidence they need to thrive and become leaders in school, work and within their communities. They learn public speaking skills, teamwork and appropriate workplace behaviour.
  • AWARENESS The digital content created by the GlobalGirls is shared across multiple platforms, so their stories are amplified,  educating and inspiring others to make a difference in the world.


Our Vision:  GGM UK envisions a future where young women from under-represented backgrounds are powerful change-makers in a media industry which reflects all our diverse perspectives.  

You can help us make our vision a reality.  

To sponsor a Global Girl to attend our Summer Academy, pledge £200

To support our Mentorship Programme, pledge £100

To help us run our Mini-Trainings, pledge £20 

Whatever you can manage will make a difference.  

Your impact

As well as strengthening our key programmes, your donation will help us build our staff capacity, increasing our ability to explore new forms of revenue and broadening our partnership base. Your funds will help us transform our charity for the sake of the people we serve:  the under-represented young women whose perspectives and talent will help create a new media landscape.  


Diversity and Inclusion                                                                   

We are a 100% female-led organisation and we listen to the people we serve. Diversity is important to us and 75% of our trustees are non-white and 40 % of our trustees have been through one of our programmes.                                                        



'GGM UK gave me the courage to pursue my dream of becoming a news journalist. Being surrounded by fellow empowering women empowered me to use my background and love of writing to pave my own way into the field, often through providing voices for those from minority communities.'

Danielle Desouza, Social Media journalist, Press Assocation, Global Girl Media UK Graduate 2019


‘Without the training and support from GGM UK I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pursue a career in the media industry. I now work as a freelance Assistant Producer and the charity was instrumental in helping me onto my career path, especially as I didn’t know anyone who worked in media’ 

Aisha Clarke, Freelance AP, Global Girl Media UK graduate, 2016


'GGM UK has empowered me to be the woman I am today. Since joining GGM UK, I have grown in confidence, gained invaluable skills and built a network of empowering women. Through this, I owe my professional and personal development to GGM UK. I wouldn't be where I am today without it'.

Dila Su Yalman, Digital and Technology professional, Global Girl Media UK, graduate, 2020 

Our impact                                                           






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