Give Russians real news about Ukraine using ads

by rob.blackie in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Give Russians real news about Ukraine using ads


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Show independent news about the war in Ukraine to Russians using digital ads to get around Putin's censorship.

by rob.blackie in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Joseph Inniss 8th June 2022

This is a fantastic initiative. Leaning into our shared humanity is the only way towards peace. Thank you Rob, and the whole team behind this project.

Mr R C Meares 11th May 2022

You're on the right track ...

Muzz leonid 6th May 2022

I am running an ad campaign in America to recruit fighters and hunters for help in Ukraine. Many people want to help but have jobs, families, etc. if Ukraine funded mercenary pay and ad placement I believe many volunteers would sign up if they could be compensated. The campaign focuses on sending fighters to use Drones with IR to locate artillery placements and plan attacks, then turn the artillery against Putin’s army and supply roads. Then Putin’s war machine can be used to destroy itself and the worlds grain harvest, oil and nuclear safety wouldn’t be under threat from one bald Russian [email protected]$€ARD!!

Alexander Warre Cornish 21st April 2022

We must go forward in full sympathy and cooperation with the Russian, Ukrainian and all other peoples to ensure that wars like this do not take place in Europe or anywhere else!

Thomas Auchter 6th April 2022

Rob, other charities are doing a great job at helping refugees and survivors and I have donated to several of them. Your project might actually help end the war. I am proud to be able to send you another contribution. I appreciate that your resources are best used to create messages for the Russians, and I was happy to see the video from Anastasiya Baydachenko, but I was wondering if you are able to share any of the ads you are posting within Russia.

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