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Give £1 then pass it on.


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Started on 17th May 2020 Haile, England, United Kingdom

I am a child of the NHS, when I was young my mam provided for her family by bringing new life into the world as a midwife.

Me and my siblings got older and she then cared for the elderly, she got bitten, bruised and berated, but she loved her job and cared every day.

Now we’re older and she has joined those who care for people during their last moments, palliative care, comfort, calm and kindness is what she does day to day.

From all walks of life, those who join the NHS, whether they mean to or not, provide care and kindness just by going to work.

£1 is nothing to most, yet a lot to some.

But giving £1 and passing it on so that the next person gives £1, can make a huge difference. 

Cheers for the NHS and the warriors that they are. 



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17th May 2020 at 6:56pm

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