Gie it a bye...for loving goodbyes

by Caledonia Cremation in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th September 2021 we successfully raised £330 with 13 supporters in 28 days

We are raising money to support bereaved people facing funeral poverty in Scotland. Everyone should have the right to say goodbye.

by Caledonia Cremation in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Everyone should be able to organise a funeral for their loved one without the additional worry of whether they can pay.

But sadly that isn't the case. With a basic funeral with a cremation costing £3,885 or with a burial costing £5,033*, too many people find themselves struggling to say goodbye.

Some don't even have enough money to pay for the deposit - let alone a full funeral - and their loved one is left uncollected, lying in the morgue for months on end whilst their family desperately search for a funeral director who will proceed without a deposit. 

Others are forced to take on a huge debt or payday loan they simply cannot afford to pay back. 

Caledonia Cremation is a social enterprise funeral director and we have helped many of people in this position by providing a not-for-profit funeral PLUS emotional and practical support.

Some bereaved people qualify for the Scottish Government's Funeral Support Payment, but there are a great many who fall through the gaps; students, those on minimum wage or who earn enough money to pay their bills and little else. To support people in this position, we rely on the kindness of others.


So this September we ask - would you give up just one wee treat and donate that money to Caledonia Cremation so we can support those facing funeral poverty?

You could Gie it a bye for just one day this month, or one day a week or more if you are up to it - whatever you prefer! Every penny donated will help us support someone experiencing hardship.

It could be your morning coffee or roll, a takeaway lunch or your "one for the road" drink in the pub.

We aren't asking for big donations - anything from £3 upwards will help us to support others.

So will you Gie it a bye so someone else can say a loving goodbye?

*Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2021

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