Get Yer Kit On 2020

by Community Fitness Network in Ryton, England, United Kingdom

Get Yer Kit On 2020

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To close “The Confidence Gap” in young women and allow the removal of barriers to enable a sustainable healthy body and mind.

by Community Fitness Network in Ryton, England, United Kingdom

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On the 29th June 2020 we'd raised £562 with 55 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

“Get Yer Kit On” is a new initiative which is designed to tackle the mental, physical and social health of young women and girls in communities. 

 As puberty sets in in young women, their confidence takes a nose-dive and those same outgoing girls can often transform in to unrecognisably timid, risk adverse and self-conscious versions of their former self. Confidence is the essential ingredient for turning thoughts in to action and has the ability to multiply itself as the benefits pay off; too often, if a gap in confidence is allowed to build, it remains throughout adulthood and imposes deeper challenges. 

 Throughout this stage, barriers to physical activity grow, personal barriers are created. For girls and women the relationship between body image and physical activity is a vicious circle; the more self-conscious they feel about their bodies, the less likely they are to take part in physical activity, and yet, participation in physical activity and sport has a positive effect on girls’ perceptions of their bodies as well as improving their mental health and introducing them to new people outside of their family and longer standing social circles. 

 Clothing and equipment for physical activity can be expensive and unachievable for the majority. Images of sports people and social media influencers can promote the idea that, unless you are dressed in fashionable clothing designed for a particular activity, you’ll look out of place. Often, advertised clothing is also quite revealing, which create problems for women and girls, linked to the issues about body image and poses further barriers to BAME girls and women around participation 

 When combined, these factors create deep set issues which negatively impact how women and girls see and treat their body, how they choose to nourish their body and mind with food choices and activities. This continues into adulthood, yoyo dieting, struggles with mental health and inactivity and become a “normalised”  way of life; one which we see on a huge nationwide scale. 

Each roadshow is a 3 day event with a virtual aspect. This consists of: 

  • Pop Up Kit Shop – An opportunity for women to gain access to no cost quality new/pre loved sports wear and receiving clothing to enable the participation in physical activity 

  • Access to community activity – Working with International fitness brand, Clubbercise®, a local and community based instructor will provide a range of free sessions to be accessed by each woman in that locality.  

  • Training Opportunities for women. Women aged 16+ accessing our programme can also benefit from a training programme which would give them a range of fitness qualifications and a Clubbercise® CPD to kick start a fitness career 

  • Virtual access to a resources platform created by, and aimed at women, to support their mental health, encourage eating for health, how to get support and be supported  


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