Get Scroobius Pip on The Bell Witch Podcast!

by Swailes in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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To raise £750 to back Pip on his Kickstarter campaign and get him on The Bell Witch Pod to talk about Mental Health and Podcasting magic!

by Swailes in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

It is no surprise I LOVE podcasting! It has changed my life since  my humble beginning in March 2023. Its all I want to do! It has improved my mental health no end, I am the most well I have ever been in my life, it is that big! I am well and I am inspired. 

 I have worked my way up at snails pace, learning on the job. I have an amazing selection of guests on the Moot Loot episodes, but I am looking for that big wild card to excel me into the "Podsphere", and I bet it is in the Form of Scroobius Pip! 

Scroobius Pip, an innovative and influential figure in the world of spoken word and alternative hip-hop, is celebrated for his thought-provoking lyrics and unique artistic vision. Emerging from the UK, Pip has made a significant impact with his dynamic performances and genre-blending style, combining elements of poetry, rap, and music to create a distinctive voice that resonates with audiences around the globe. He is a poet, a podcaster and an awesome ally of the marginalised humans of today. 

Not only that, if you back me to get him on TBWP, I back Pip on his big project- 'An Area of Outstanding Beauty (a short film)' too. as one of Pips pledges is 'Pip on your Podcast' So its a double kicker! 

I would love to talk about the magic of podcasting and how that improves healing and well being, perhaps his take on witchcraft! It would be so fun. 


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