Help people with disabilities get into motorsport

by CRU Motorsport in United Kingdom

Help people with disabilities get into motorsport
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We want to help under privileged young people and people who have disabilities get into motorsport and start a new and exciting career.

by CRU Motorsport in United Kingdom


We are a company 'CRU Motorsport'. We want to give back to the UK community by raising funds to help our project of getting under privileged young people and people with disabilities into motorsport.

We started our company with the vision of getting more people into motorsport by hiring out our various race cars and providing motorsport services to the motorsport community. We have had great success with this and are now looking to get potential champions into racing full time. 

I am an ex-race driver and have had a great experience with my racing career. Unfortunately, I know first-hand how expensive it can be to start racing and continue to be competitive. I used to get a lot of people, especially young teens asking how to get into racing. As I would explain, this would change their whole aspect of becoming a driver sadly due to costs. Therefore, CRU Motorsport was incorporated to get these people behind the wheel racing on an affordable budget. 


There are so many people in the UK with the potential to become champions within motorsport, but they just cannot find the funding or sponsorship to fulfil their dream and passion. Therefore, we have created this project to ensure we can help with the funding of getting people behind the wheel of a Motorsport simulator or race car either in track, rally/rallycross, or open wheel racing. 

Working closely with a few charities, we intend to choose several candidates in 2022 and get them into both simulator championships and racing as soon as possible. Our selected candidates will partake in various simulation races using a professional racing simulator to see if they are more suited for track or rally and push them in an intense training/driving course on their chosen selection. They will then take part in the championship of their chosen category fully funded. 

All the money raised and donated will be used for the drivers to gain experience, simulators, safety equipment, vehicles, licences, and entry into their championships including all repair and maintenance costs. All extra funding raised will be used for our future drivers as we intend to continue with our project every year introducing new young and disabled drivers into motorsport while also continuing our path with our drivers already involved in the programme. 

As part of our project and to continue fund raising for our team, we are looking to open a new facility which allows people from all ages to come and use the simulators but also we are looking to open a small racing school where our selected team of drivers will train people from the ages of 14 in a fully built race car. This will allow not only young people but also adults to come and drive a race car, interact with our team of drivers and learn how to handle the cars where all profits go towards the race team and their path to success. 


We ‘CRU Motorsport’ will assist in training our new drivers and taking care of them, the simulators, their race cars and everything that is behind the scenes of a championship. This is predominantly to keep all costs to a minimum and allow the money raised to go further for each driver. During their first season we will always actively seek sponsorship as they progress throughout their racing which then helps ensure they continue with a great racing career. 

The main objective to our project is to get as many under privileged and disabled drivers through a great training programme. We as a company will only benefit with the project for advertising and promotional purposes as the biggest priority of the project is the drivers and their careers. We will continue to do fund raising, charity events and various shows which promotes CRU Motorsport but as stated all funds raised and donated go towards the drivers’ careers.

Another benefit for our project is creating jobs for those who desperately seek work. The new job positions our project will create will also be prioritised for those who suffer mental health issues and disabilities which make it more difficult for them to get a job. It will be a great work environment with full training and qualifications in their selected roles promoting equal opportunities for all candidates. 


We will have an easy but very selective selection process. We will work with our various charities and organisations to ensure we get the right candidates chosen and into the race simulators and vehicles.

Ensuring this is the right career path they want to follow along with discipline and great mannerisms that come with every race driver. 

The chosen candidates will be from across the whole UK and Northern Ireland and our project is not limited to any counties throughout the UK. 

During the selection of our future drivers, we will undertake several medical exams to ensure the drivers are mentally and physically fit to compete in motorsport and all rules and regulations are met if modifications to the vehicles are carried out for the drivers to compete competitively and most importantly, safely. 

With the race simulator team, no checks are required but we need to ensure the same disciplines are met with the all team members. 


We will always promote each individual driver, there races and career through our website, social media and at various events we attend throughout the year. We will also carry out various press days throughout the year to really push our project and show others everyone should have an opportunity to be able to follow their dreams in all aspects of life. 

We will have the drivers attend various events to promote themselves and their careers throughout the UK whilst also actively seeking sponsorship to continue their careers for years to come. 


With our drivers seated in their race vehicle lined up on the grid ready to hit first gear and start their great career in motorsport, dedicated teams within our company would have ensured they got there. With our fantastic project we also have various job roles opening to ensure the vehicles and driver are ready for everything. The jobs this project will create will be dedicated to unemployed personnel who suffer with a disability and mental health problems which limit them to getting work. Full training and qualifications will be given to help get them back on their feet and in a steady career path. 


We will be continually seeking sponsorship for each driver to allow them to continue with their careers in motorsport for years to come. All efforts will be made to ensure the drivers, their sponsors and crew are looked after by us throughout the years to come. 

If you would like to become a sponsor for any of our project or any of the drivers within the team, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.


We want to ensure that everyone who donates can follow the drivers’ careers. As stated, we will introduce the drivers at various events and press days throughout the year. 

There will also be a dedicated channel on social media platforms including pages to follow each driver and their successful journey. We want everyone to be a part of this fantastic journey and show their support to the drivers who have only ever dreamed of a career in motorsport. 


We are all about others and making dreams a reality. Our dream is to be able to provide underprivileged teens and persons with a disability a chance to race competitively and make a career in what only some can describe as a fantastic opportunity in life. Also, providing jobs and so many other benefits to the communities throughout the UK and ensuring the health and wellbeing of those in need get the opportunity they deserve. 

Some of the benefits will be nationwide events and charity days where all people from many walks of life can meet the drivers and crews including the simulators and vehicles, they will race in and take care off. 

We know this project is going to be such a success and we would like to thank everyone so far for the support we have been given and continue to receive. 

Our project will help everyone see that it doesn’t matter what background you have come from, everyone has a right to become a champion in all aspect of life. 

Please help us share our project to everyone out there. It is you that can make the difference.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Team T-Shirt

£50 or more

£50 Reward

1hr Driving session on a race simulator Available at our HQ in Aberdeenshire only.

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