Helping You & Your Charity Recover After Lockdown

by Paul Fletcher in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Helping You & Your Charity Recover After Lockdown

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Helping You & Your Charity Recover After Lockdown

by Paul Fletcher in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 27th June 2020 we'd raised £1,690 with 29 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I am here today after conversations with concerned past clients and friends, with regards to my present situation, suggesting that I set up a crowdfunder page, to help in these times of need. 

Just as we were gearing up for our favourite summer season, with exciting plans, COVID-19 struck. The money raised will help us get through our peak summer months, as we have had no income since March. However our cash flow has now been restricted to such an extent, that our business will be impacted through until early 2021.

I'm proud we have managed to get this far and it is difficult to ask for any help, as it is always so much easier to help others.  Despite our best efforts to access grants, loans and insurance, we have fallen through every loophole imaginable and have not been able to access any significant Government support so far. With little to no savings and the present situation continuing for the immediate foreseeable future, I can not see us surviving without your support.

I am an M60 veteran myself, currently the fastest over 800m, 1500m and the mile, in the UK and voted Masters Athlete Of The Year by the public in 2019. I do however know just how difficult it is to keep focused and try to keep fit as you get older. Many of my clients are older runners and feeling vulnerable due to the present situation, have not been training and are not liable to run for the next few months. Many of these people raise a substantial amount for their charities, given the chance.

For many the only purpose of running, is for their Charity. This can be the result of a family or close friend being in need, a long term illness or life threatening disease. These Charities such as Leukaemia Care, Dementia and Demelza have lost millions, as a result of events being cancelled during 2020, while I stand around feeling helpless. 

Help me to kick start our business again after lockdown, helping as many people as possible, to get back to fitness, so they can raise money for their praiseworthy cause in 2021. 

We will be happy once more to give something back, helping others to get fit after lockdown.  By helping me now, you will be helping hundreds of others with their charities. The charities are going to need an army of runners and walkers raising money for them as soon as possible with Sir Tom Moore being such an amazing example of fundraising. 

I have always helped others to fulfil their goals, whether losing weight, Couch to 5km or run their first charity race. I have been proud to coach many individuals over the years, which has enabled them to raise 1000's for their charities. Helping  many beginner runners, with ongoing coaching, support and positive encouragement, right up to race day. A quick positive chat before the event and a post coach chat, ready to plan the next charity run.

I have put everything into helping all my clients over the years, with my business and have very little in terms of assets or savings to fall back on, which is why I have set up this Pay It Forward Crowdfunder.

I believe the most important part of a our business is helping others. 

Supporting our Pay It Forward Crowdfunder will help;

  • Us to get back to helping others, support their Charities,
  • Deserving charities such as Leukaemia, Demelza and Dementia.
  • Help us to reopen our doors for runners.

We want to continue to offer our amazing service you have come to know and love.

Whether you want to offer a small donation, pay it forward by purchasing a bespoke running plan now to redeem later, or to invest in a small business you believe in, we greatly appreciate your support. No contribution is too small. Everything that is in your power to give, even just sharing this campaign with others, is appreciated !

Thank you so much for your support.



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