Turn Peteborough Green - Get Cllr Day Elected

by Nicola Day in Peterborough, United Kingdom

Turn Peteborough Green - Get Cllr Day Elected

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We want more Green MPs elected this year.

by Nicola Day in Peterborough, United Kingdom

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As we don't have billionaire donors, all money goes towards campaigning. We are always short of funds, so every penny helps. Thank you so much.

As Greens, we raise all our funding from members and supporters. We don't get donations from big corporations, trade unions or lobbyists, and this keeps our politics principled.

Being ethically funded, we rely on grassroots donations to support our cause. Any generous gift can help support Nicola Day's campaign to become Green Party MP for Peterborough.

  • End our national housing crisis.
    We would create 150,000 new council homes PER YEAR and end Right to Buy so that homes can belong to communities forever.
    We'd introduce rent controls and end no-fault evictions to give families much-needed security.

  • Reverse the creeping privatisation of our NHS.
    The Green Party would restore the public health budget by increasing spending by £1.4 billion and immediately increase NHS spending by £8 billion, to ensure NHS staff can be paid decently.

  • Introduce a fair tax system.
    Getting the multi-millionaires and billionaires to pay a bit more (1% to 2%) would raise £50 BILLION which can be invested into improving our public services.

  • Renationalisation of the water companies.
    Shareholder payouts need to be halted immediately and the water supply needs to be brought back into public ownership to end leaks, stop sewage discharges and cut bills.

We rely on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. Please share far and wide with friends and family and donate generously if you can.

Any donations not spent in this campaign will fund Nicola's Green Party election campaign. By donating you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK and that this donation is not made for or on behalf of any other person. All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

For a fairer, greener Peterborough Vote Green on Thursday 4th July

Promoted by Imtiaz Ali on behalf of the Peterborough Green Party at 318b Oundle Road, Peterborough, PE2 9QP.

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