Garments For Womxn

by abigail joanne in London, England, United Kingdom

Garments For Womxn

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GFW aims to raise awareness and start a conversation about sexual violence.

by abigail joanne in London, England, United Kingdom

Garments for Womxn started as an ongoing series of self portraits which I used as a medium to check in with myself about how I am feeling. I am a single parent with a small child during lockdown, and being able to see myself in this way has been good for my mental health.

I am exploring themes around authentic self and motherhood, and dream of a future where integration of trauma and healing is possible in community and connection to one another. 


Using textiles and garments as a way to cement myself in the tangible world, the images I create are driven by my experience as a survivor of sexual violence and navigating the criminal justice system alongside of raising a small child. I hope to evoke in the viewer a shared sense of passion for human rights. 

I am raising £280 so that I can make 13 x T shirts that is printed with the question, "do you have consent?". The T shirt itself will be simple, and the question is posed to make the viewer consider what consent means. I am going to get all T shirts made in a size XL as I want to make something that is universal and comfortable.

I will keep one T shirt for myself and then I plan to make an open call for a T shirt exchange, where I send out one of my T shirts for free in exchange for a pre loved T shirt from anyone who feels they are happy to donate to me and would like one of mine in return. 

This activity, "Can I have your T shirt?" is a way for connections to happen between myself and whoever wishes to get involved, and then it's also a way to share my question of consent into the wider community. 

With this I am exploring how definitions may mean something different to different people, why that is problematic and how important it is for better education around language in relation to these topics.

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Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share or get in touch if you have any questions. 

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