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Gap Kenya charity works with mothers and their children living on the municipal garbage dump in Mombasa. The charity opened a centre to teach literacy and tailoring skills to the mothers and sends their children to school. The aim of the centre is to empower the women to enable them to become live independently, no longer needing to scavenge through the garbage. Funding for the charity is provided by sponsors within the Uk, both corporate and individual to support this work. Please see for more information

4 x 4 = HOPE
The road to the Joseph Centre is around 12km long and is a dirt road in very bad condition. The only form of public transport in the area is by motorbike.  Apart from this, the road is primarily used by 4 x 4 vehicles and the garbage trucks.



The 4x4 vehicle we have been using these past few years now needs replacing. It had had several break downs recently, the most recent case involved welding the chassis together where it had split into two. We have been advised by the mechanics that the road is too rough to continue using this vehicle, so we now require a new one. 

The car is used several times a week to transport our 7 staff to the centre to teach the mothers and manage the creche for the little ones who are not yet old enough for school. It is also used to transport mothers/children into the city if they need hospital treatment etc. 

4 x 4 = CHANGE

What We Do

Gap Kenya is changing the lives of mothers and children. We provide rooms for them to live in within the nearby village and have taught them to make clothes for their children along with school uniforms. They also make bags and throws for tourists to buy which the mother's receive money from.


Children who used to scavenge for food are now in school. 1649861431_img_3446.jpg1649861394_20200203_084713000_ios.jpg

During the holidays they areable to play and have fun...just as children ought. 


They receive food, clean water, and medical care. And they no longer live in the polythene houses amidst the garbage as they once did.


And they receive justice when it is needed. One of the children who attends the centre was recently raped. The perpetrator is currently on remand and his trial is continuing. Without the support of Gap Kenya nothing would have happened to bring justice for this child - we want to teach these mothers and children how precious and valuable they are and let them know they are worth so much more than they currently think. 

What Gap Kenya does is so very important to these mothers and children. The charity enabled one mother to begin her own micro tailoring business last year. Naomi now makes school uniforms for several schools, living and supporting her three children in a nearby village. 

Our plan is to expand on the work we currently do to help more mothers and children.

4 x 4 = HELP NEEDED!

We require £34,000 to buy a newly imported, second hand vehicle which has around 50.000 miles on the clock. This will enable the work at the Joseph Centre to continue for many years to come. However we know we can buy an older vehicle for £17.000 so if we are able to raise this amount, we know we can buy something! The more money we raise over this amount though, the better the vehicle we can purchase knowing it will last longer and hopefully need fewer repairs.

minus 4 x 4 = ZERO

Without a 4 x 4, it will prove extremely difficult for the charity to continue the work at the Joseph Centre. Cars in Kenya are not cheap. They cost a lot more than in the UK. But a 4 x 4 is so very necessary for the charity to help these mothers and children so please, please donate and help us raise as much as possible to make caring for the most vulnerable mothers and their children also possible.

4 x 4 = YOU…

Please donate and make a difference to the lives of Mombasa’s most vulnerable mothers and their children. Be a part of changing their lives.

Thank you so very much. 

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