Gamble Street Corner

by Nottz Garden Project in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Gamble Street Corner

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We're turning an 18m x 3m plot of derelict wasteland behind an industrial lockup into an inner city veggie garden for the people!

by Nottz Garden Project in Nottingham, United Kingdom

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On the 20th April 2023 we'd raised £1,509 with 32 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Whitemoor Garden Project

At Whitemoor Garden Project we grow veggies and flowers on an urban allotment for Nottingham's largest independent foodbank Himmah.

For 2 years our veggies and flowers have been distributed alongside emergency food parcels  to people in need in our city,  particularly in Radford and Hyson Green, postcode NG7 . 

Veggie and flower foodbank shares: (July 2022)


About Radford Nottingham NG7

  • Radford is very diverse: 57% White British, 22% Asian/Asian British and 11% Black/African/Caribbean/Black Britishand15% of the population live in households reliant on means tested benefits
  • 33% of children aged 5-15 yrs are living in poverty and 38% of children are obese
  • 46% of elderly residents are in receipt of pension credit
  • Life expectancy is 73 yrs (versus UK average 80 yrs)
  • Radford is ranked in the top 15% most deprived wards (out of England's 7000+ wards)
  • Radford ward has Nottingham's  2nd highest crime rate with almost half of all crime classified as anti social behaviour


Himmah is a community based social justice initiative for poverty, race, and education equality, whose foodbank is located right in the centre of NG7. They run numerous community activities including the foodbank , a social supermarket, an education project, cooking classes, a school uniform project, a Salaam Shalom Kitchen and a racial justice program.  Himmah Website

Gamble Street Corner

The derelict plot of land we are transforming into a veggie garden is a stone's throw from the Himmah foodbank - a prime location for growing veggies and flowers that will be free to access for local people and a great spot for creating a beautiful space where volunteers, locals, foodbank users and friends can meet, grow and harvest fresh food, learn from each other and build community.

Map location and Street View of the Gamble St Corner plot:


We've been planning the Gamble St Corner project in collaboration with Himmah since Winter 2022 and we started clearing the ground together on 3rd Feb 2023. 

The project is lead by Paul from Whitemoor Garden Project and Elliott from Himmah Foodbank. So far we've had a garden crew made up of a mix of foodbank volunteers, users and friends who have come down to our Friday afternoon sessions and helped us to get the project off to a flying start!

Gamble St Corner on Day 1!  (3 Feb 2023)



We'll divide the space up1677519765_plan.png into about 12 short growing beds  separated by woodchipped paths,  and grow a mixture of veggies and flowers.                                     Special focus will go to crops that are prolific and abundant so that the garden has plenty to offer for the community. Crops like courgettes, tomatoes, climbing beans and salad leaves should provide a good long season while Cosmos flowers will be relied upon to provide an amazing display almost all year long no matter how many posies are picked by passers by!

OUR MURAL: 'Veggies for Radford'

  • We'll cr1678299871_picture4.jpgeate a huge mural for Gamble St Corner as a signpost for community action!
  • The 'Veggies for Radford' Mural will  create : 

'Veggies For Radford' (scale plan) 1678299186_mural_plan.png

'Veggies for Radford' will be painted by the Gamble St Corner team. We have a few arty people in the crew to guide the way and we'll really keep strong the ethos of community action by doing everything ourselves!

('Veggies for Radford' is inspired by 1677521470_2023-02-27_18_10_44-2022-12-19_gamble_st_corner_-_powerpoint.pngthe awesome 'Fruit Salad' by Katherine Bernhardt which she painted on the on the Venus Gallery in Los Angeles in 2015.)

On Guerrilla Gardening:

The space we will transform is a derelict piece of land behind a car parts business - the land is on their deeds and part of their rent - it used to be maintained by Nottingham City Council but has not been touched for at least 5 years. In essence we are guerrilla gardening but with the consent of the tenant. 

Our vision for the impact of Gamble St Corner:

ACCESSIBILITY:  Allotments and gardening can be full of barriers & awkwardness - '  don't have the money/right clothes/tools/knowledge. 


ENGAGEMENT:  People can engage with the garden however they like! No supervision, no rules, do some weeding, pick some tomatoes or flowers, just sit on the wall and enjoy the space.


ATTACHMENT: People are increasingly detached from the food they eat, especially in deprived areas where the consumption of fresh veg is limited. We hope that the community seeing and taking part in growing veg and flowers on the street corner will create an affinity with veg!


INSPIRATION: Cleaning up a piece of wasteland in the community and growing food will be inspiring for the community.


LEARNING: We'll show people how to harvest veg, how to look after it, how to grow it and maybe even cook it  through a program of  'WORKSHOPS ON THE CORNER' using the garden as a base.


So why do we need funding?

  • To support our growing program - buying seeds, plants, compost
  • To give volunteers the right gear - gloves and tools for safe working
  • To paint and maintain our mural - paint, brushes and equipment
  • To reach out to the community - flyers , signage
  • To run workshops - e.g. buying materials for a growing workshop or ingredients for a cooking workshop

We really hope you're inspired by our story and plan for Gamble St Corner !

We want the garden to be a source of food, inspiration, learning and community in an area of our city that really needs the support.

Thanks for reading! 1677522606_heart.png


PROJECT1678958762_badge.jpeg REWARDS: Thank you to all the amazing people and organisations supporting us with this project! Easiest and cheapest way to support our project is for just £5 and in return you receive a I LOVE Gamble St Corner pin badge!1678269660_rewards.jpg


This project offered rewards

£5 or more


Limied Edition 2.5cm Button Badge featuring the Tomato from our mural ‘veggies for radford’

£10 or more

Sponsor a Veggie on our mural

Sponsor a veggie on our mural 'Veggies for Radford'. Show your support by having your name, name of a loved one or your organization painted onto the veg of your choice for a year!

£15 or more

Gamble St Corner Tote Bag

A screen printed tote bag featuring elements from our mural 'Veggies for Radford'

£20 or more

Gamble Street Corner T Shirt

Screen printed T shirt featuring the Tomato from our mural 'Veggies for Radford'

£150 or more

Foodbank Crash Course - A Day with Himmah!

Meet the senior team and understand how the foodbank works, from the supply chain, funding, marketing & volunteering to referrals, the client base and community partnerships. Visit Foodprint, Himmah's award winning social supermarket and get the lowdown from its manager. Help collect food donations and then get busy packing food parcels & delivering them to the community. End the day at Gamble St Corner! Maximum 6 people.

£40 or more

Middle Eastern Food by Tali @FalafelBaffle

Our friend Tali makes the best Falafel and Middle Eastern Israeli food in Nottingham - period! She is also a founding member of Nottingham's Salaam Shalom Kitchen a joint Muslim & Jewish charity project cooking weekly free meals in Hyson Green for those in need. From Aarys, Ganush and Schawarma to Falafel, Hummus, Tahini & Bagels . Get ready for a Middle Eastern Feast delivered to your door. @falafelbaffle (Nottingham ppl only)

£75 or more

Original Poster & Art Print by Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O'Brien is a visual artist, educator & workshop leader in schools and with art institutions. She also works as a freelance photographer. In 2022 Kelly led a photographic program for Himmah 'Picturing Food Justice' focused on the NG7 area of Nottingham. Grab an original exhibition poster and art print of the installation 'shopping baskets' from Kelly's latest residency 'It Will Cost You: Absurdities of Austerity'

£100 or more

Garden Consultation with Laura @fortheoutdoors

A Garden Consultation or Planting Plan by our friend Laura, a London based designer & gardener. Via Zoom, Laura will discuss your ideas and give advice on layout, materials and costs. This will be followed up with links, images, and a 2D drawing of your design. Your planting plan will give the right planting combinations for your style, garden aspect and soil ready for you to implement! 20sqm max @fortheoutdoors

£100 or more

Q&A with @EdibleBristol founder Sara Venn

Sara is a Horticulturist, Writer and Food Activist and is the founder of Edible Bristol- Bristol's Community Food Growing Movement. (& hero of ours!) Spend an hour on zoom with Sara and ask her about anything and everything from when to sow seeds and how to grow veggies and flowers, bio diversity and wildlife gardening to food justice, food waste, community organizing and activism. Prepare to Learn! @saralimback @ediblebristol

£100 or more

Group Workshop with Anna from @allotmenteducation

The Allotment Education motto is 'Rooted in Kindness , Cultivating Success' and they've been delivering workshops and growing programs to schools in deprived areas of Nottingham for 10 years. Sessions are focused on therapy and nurture of children & young adults with a track record of confidence building and improving the outlook of kids who struggle in the classroom. Interactive 1hr Growing Workshop Max 15 children (Nottingham Only)

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