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Started on 12th January 2021 Exeter, England, United Kingdom

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Whipton Barton Junior School posted an update on 19th April 2021

The first container has arrived!

Dear Supporters,

After tracking the progress of our shipping container across the seas over the last couple of weeks, I was so excited to hear at the weekend that the items had made it safely to Banjul, through the port and to the first school - Yundum Barracks. 


From here, the items were separated into those which had been identified for the three different schools, with the Headmaster of Kotukala coming to collect the donations for his school. He was reportedly VERY happy to receive all the chairs, tables, storage, books, stationery and sports equipment. 


The final stage was getting the items to Kolior primary school which is much more rural (some 95 miles away from Yundum Barracks) For this, the charity representatives organised a lorry to transport the items to them. You can see from the images that this was indeed a fully-loaded lorry!


The letters our children wrote have also been gratefully received by the schools and all the headteachers have sent their delighted thanks to us. 

Without your kind donations, this would not have been possible and our furniture would already be seeing out its final days in a UK landfill site. THANK YOU!


We are now turning our thoughts to shipment number 2. We have 5 classrooms worth of furniture to send in this next shipment and have already begun collecting donations of uniform and football kits ready to send in the spaces between the furniture. We will continue to source other donations of stationery, dental products and sports equipment too.

Thanks once again, on behalf of the receiving schools in The Gambia and our own here in Exeter, for getting behind this idea.


Whipton Barton Junior School posted an update on 17th February 2021

First shipment

On Monday 15th February at 1pm we closed the doors on the first shipping container and sent it on its way!

The 20ft container was literally crammed full of around 500 items of furniture including tables, chairs, stools, desks, cupboards, tray units, book shelves and filing cabinets. In addition to this we had, over the weekend, packed 100s of boxes of exercise books, stationery, art supplies, sports equipment, reading books, puppets, water bottles, school uniform and 3 bikes!

Some of the children at school had also written letters to the Gambian children and these were placed in amongst the furniture for the staff to find when the donations reach their destination.  

We are now taking a little break before turning our minds to collecting yet more items ready for the July shipment.

The money you kindly donated has made all of this possible - Thank you!





At Whipton Barton Federation in Exeter we are part-way through a re-fit of our Junior School and would be thrilled to see our old furniture be put to good use by schools in The Gambia rather than finding its way onto a rubbish dump. We are working closely with the charity PAGEANT who will support us in ensuring the furniture goes to schools which need it most, including a new library in a school in the Yundum Barracks area which was under construction earlier this year. 


And Kolior Lower Basic School which, thanks to Pageant, has recently had a new roof on one of its classrooms.


 We know that this classroom furniture, which includes tables, chairs, teachers' desks, bookcases, tray units, storage cupboards and much more, will make such a huge difference to the staff and children at these schools.

We will also use any additional funds to fill all the nooks and crannies of our shipping container with books and other school supplies including stationery, sports equipment and educational posters. 


Hopefully, when the second phase of our building work is complete, we will send a second container of the remaining furniture out to Banjul at the end of the summer term. This fundraising target will allow us to complete both shipments and any additional funds will enable even more supplies to be purchased for the schools.

The children at our school will learn so much from taking part in such an important venture.

Your contribution, however small, is greatly appreciated and will put us one step closer to our goal - Thank you!



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Whipton Barton Junior School
19th April 2021

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Liz Waite
8th March 2021 at 2:05pm

Brilliant idea.

8th March 2021 at 2:04pm

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Jane Hookway
4th March 2021 at 4:18pm

Having visited a Gambian School and met some pupils, I think this idea is brilliant. They are so proud of their school and some children have to walk a very long way even for only half a day as that is all that is available sometimes. Well Done.

Jane Hookway
4th March 2021 at 4:14pm

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Maureen Lewis
1st March 2021 at 10:12pm

Great idea - recycling plus helping another school. What’s not to like?