Stop Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion!

by Headingley Green Party in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th July 2020 we successfully raised £16,960 with 358 supporters in 55 days

Our aim is to prevent the increase in passenger numbers, proposed by AMP, the owners of Leeds Bradford Airport.

by Headingley Green Party in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We need funds to seek advice from planning and economics experts to provide a detailed and well-considered response to AMP Capital's very detailed Leeds Bradford Airport planning application.

Update: Huge thanks to the West Park Residents Association for donating £500 to the GALBA campaign! For all the latest campaign information, go to   

The Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport was formed in October 2019 by people in Leeds and Bradford who were alarmed about plans to increase passenger numbers and the consequent effects on the climate crisis, plus increased noise and pollution. Local people around Stansted and Bristol airports have shown that it is possible to stop airport expansion. We can do the same, but we need to raise money. We need funds for the campaign, including to pay a barrister to represent GALBA against AMP, the owners of Leeds Bradford Airport, during their planning application. See for more information

Climate Emergency

We are in the midst of a climate emergency caused by human activity and have very little time left to mitigate against the worst effects. Public understanding and concern over this crisis have grown tremendously in the last 18 months, and in 2019 both Leeds and Bradford Councils declared climate emergencies. In Leeds, the council has committed to making the city carbon neutral by 2030. However, in Leeds, research published at the University has shown that carbon emissions from flights at Leeds Bradford Airport would make it impossible to reach that target – even at the existing level of 4 million passengers per year. Yet the owners of the airport have submitted a planning application to build a new passenger terminal and extend flying hours, that will enable them to almost double the number of passengers to 7.1 million by 2030 & up to 9 million by 2050. The increased emissions would use up the entire carbon budget of the city by 2026. As the council have conceded, aviation expansion is incompatible with addressing the climate emergency. 


A key part of the expansion plans is to extend flying hours, cutting into the current "quiet times", allowing noisy take-offs & landings an hour earlier (6am)in the morning & half an hour later in the evening (11:30pm). At night, the area surrounding the airport where people will experience LOAEL (the lowest noise dose at which there is an observed adverse effect) will increase after development by 8.6km2, to 56.2km2. This means that 123,000 people will fall into this category, and due to the increased incidence of noise the number of people being Highly Sleep Disturbed will be 42,000 and the number of people being Highly Annoyed will be 93,500  [1].
[1] Calculation of Sleep Disturbance and Annoyance impact in 2030 with and without the Development using 2014 Defra guidance, adapted to include dose-response relationships from the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region 2018.

Other issues

Expansion also has a huge impact on local transport infrastructure, air quality and bio-diversity.

What can we do?

This airport expansion is unnecessary & unsustainable, but if we act together, we can prevent the LBA expansion from going ahead and, longer term, potentially reduce the negative impacts of LBA. 

Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport

GALBA (Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport) is a campaign involving local people concerned about the expansion plans.The immediate aim of GALBA is to oppose the application to build a new terminal at LBA and the extension of flying hours – developments that will enable the expansion of the airport. To achieve this, we will campaign to raise public awareness of, and opposition to, the expansion. We have seen that similar campaigns have succeeded at Stansted, Bristol and Heathrow. 

Why do we need to raise money?

The above campaigns also used legal expertise provided by barristers and we plan to do likewise. A barrister, and other campaign activities, need money, which we believe we will be able to raise through donations. 

Long Term Goals

Longer term we would want to see a reduction in carbon dioxide and other polluting emissions from both land and flight based sources/operations at the airport, in line with the city’s Declaration of Climate Emergency and associated Carbon Reduction Roadmap. We want to bring together people from West and North Yorkshire to achieve the above aim

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