Stop Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion!

by Headingley Green Party in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th July 2020 we successfully raised £16,960 with 358 supporters in 55 days

Our aim is to prevent the increase in passenger numbers, proposed by AMP, the owners of Leeds Bradford Airport.

by Headingley Green Party in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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Mary Lawrence 8th July 2020

Expanding an airport during the climate crisis is completely bonkers!! This is the 'biggest threat humanity has ever faced' and we need to get serious about taking action, instead of prioritising our own convenience

Moira Flynn 8th July 2020

Good luck with the campaign, it's clearly a nonsense to recognise the climate emergency and at the same time allow expansion of aviation

gaidheal 7th July 2020

Airport expansion in these times of climate crisis is madness. We must reduce flights, not increase them, and find other ways to support local resilience and connection.

Derek Langley 4th July 2020

I want a future for my grandchildren. Flying is destroying that future. Airport expansion is immoral, irresponsible, and should be illegal. Best wishes to all those opposing this murderous scheme.

Michael Bird 1st July 2020

Thank you so much for putting your time and energy into challenging such a destructive, short-sighted and unnecessary proposal.

Sarah Frost 30th June 2020

We have to rein in our desire for travel by plane for the sake of the planet. Not a big ask really. And who wants to live near a big airport- not me, no one should have to put up with the noise and pollution

María Sandle 30th June 2020

We don’t need any more air traffic to cause further destruction to the planet and especially during these times of climate emergency and pandemic. What we need is a responsible government to invest in green energy for the future of our children and loving care for nature and the planet.

white34 29th June 2020

This is a really important campaign - we need investment in local public transport infrastructure not an expansion of polluting aviation!

jhw 19th June 2020

good luck with this campaign - sadly it seems likely that a legal challenge is the only way this expansion can be stopped

Roman Krol 19th June 2020

Thank you for standing up to this ill conceived expansion from someone who lives beneath the flight path and is concerned with the potential increase in pollution and environmental damage.

Tim Ellis 18th June 2020

People are managing now with much reduced flight numbers. We don’t need any more, and the planet cannot bear any more!

Madeleine Massey 18th June 2020

Climate change is upon us. It is time to take steps NOT to increase carbon dioxide and other climate warming emissions and pollutants a d in this case, DO NOT encourage more frequent air travel. It's against all logic and signed treaties on climate change.

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