Fylde Coast Veterans Choir

by Fylde Coast Veterans Choir in Blackpool, , United Kingdom

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Creation of a mixed-voice choir with membership comprising of armed forces veterans from across the Fylde Coast.

by Fylde Coast Veterans Choir in Blackpool, , United Kingdom

Project Outline

Fylde Coast Veterans Choir will provide regular opportunities for veterans who enjoy singing to do so in local groups. Participating in the choir will help alleviate loneliness and delivers opportunities to build self- confidence through singing, performing and experiencing the creation of original music. 

The choir will foster greater communication and understanding between veterans and the wider public through public performance. It will also offer opportunities for veterans to sing alongside civilian choirs 

Veterans in different age groups will be encouraged to connect with each other through singing popular music and creating original music together. 

The choir will help ease the transitional process between leaving military life and entering civilian life by offering a structured social activity.

What benefits will the project offer?

The project will provide opportunities for veterans to be seen and heard in the wider community, using popular music as the medium for fostering greater understanding on both sides. There will be opportunities for veterans and civilians to work together on enjoyable creative projects. Veterans in different age groups will be encouraged to work together on a variety of musical & creative projects. For veterans experiencing loneliness & loss of purpose, the choir will help promote a sense of belonging & direction. There will be ample opportunity to form new friendships, learn musical & performing skills & rebuild social confidence.

What will we use the funds raised on GoFundMe for?

  • Purchase of portable keyboard & music stands
  • Hire of venues for rehearsals and performances
  • Subsidise membership subscription for choir members
  • Purchase of musical scores
  • Funding of musical & administrative directors
  • Purchase of props and costumes
  • Marketing activity to reach the target audience
  • Conduct further market research to identify additional support requirements and appropriate solutions. 

Find out how and why the Fylde Coast Veterans Choir came into being, in our first blog post from our Musical & Creative Director Tanya Lawrence.


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