Furze Down Market Garden Start-Up

by Furze Down Market Garden in Veryan, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th January 2021 we successfully raised £2,200 with 45 supporters in 42 days

Building a local produce market garden. Small scale growing supporting our community, soils and nature on the Roseland, Cornwall.

by Furze Down Market Garden in Veryan, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • Create a more efficient wash, dry, pack station
  • Purchase another caterpillar/polytunnel to continue propagation and growing 
  • Buy even more compost, creating a deeper compost mulch for even better soil health.
  • Offer discounted vegetable boxes to households on low incomes
  • Invest in refrigeration units for Bosgever Farm Shop

1607861690_kickstarter_logo.jpgFurze Down Market Garden produces veg, micro greens, fruit, flowers and herbs on 0.5 acres of land on the Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall.  

Based at Bosgever Farm (home of the goat in Cornish) near Veryan. We are small scale, no dig and wildlife friendly. We aim to connect our community through good veggies grown in great soil creating a sustainable localised food system which is both wildlife friendly and reduces carbon emissions.

With your support, your money will helps us to;

  • buy compost, wheelbarrows and spades to move tons of nutrient rich compost to form the basis of our no-dig market garden.
  • run a fossil fuel free operation. No tractors! Buying key tools to help us run more efficiently
  • create the infrastructure we need to wash, process and pack produce
  • Re-skin the polytunnel allowing us to extend our growing season producing interesting varieties of tomatoes, herbs and chilli peppers


Interested in joining the CSA? 

2021 is open for applications – we aim to supply fresh veggies and fruit to families through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) veg box scheme, direct to local businesses and at market.

If you are interested in joining our CSA (veg box scheme) or simply would like more information feel free to email us with your contact details so we can notify you when membership opens at [email protected]


Our story

There’s a small growers revolution in Cornwall. 

Across the county we’ve discovered some fantastic people doing amazing things. After a long search, we’ve found suitable land to rent near where we live. The time is now, we need your help to transform 0.5 acres of permanent grassland to a market garden that produces great tasting fruit and veg all on your doorstep.

2020 has opened our eyes to the fragility of our food system, reliable produce grown by people you know locally is so important. This creates a localised food system that is self resilient, builds nurtured soils through the way in which we operate, reduces our carbon footprint and is nature friendly.

Can we do it? Hell yes. We've been growing veg small scale for years but now its time to scale up.


No dig? Lets talk soil

Healthy, happy soils are fundamental to producing the food we eat. Although tilling and chemical inputs have improved yields in 'big agriculture', intensive farming practices have eradicated soil fertility and quite literally washed the soil from the land, we have about 30-40 years left!

This is bad news for nature, soils and as a massive carbon store real bad news for our fragile global climate as well.

So heres the good news :) have you head of the 'no dig method' ? (if you grow your own veggies you can do this too, we all can). Across the UK and the world small farms are using this attractive way of growing great tasty, chemical free veggies, sustainably for local people.

In short - it avoids digging limiting disruption to roots and soil life. Micro organisms, worms and fungi thrive benefitting your veggies creating healthy nutritious food and soils that lock up carbon. It also means less intensive management and less weed pressure too!

Goats and pigs have already been hard at work turning, poopin’ and rooting around on the land so we have a great soil foundation and access to great manure. Making our own compost, we apply a thick well rotted layer to our beds, lush and teeming with life.

No dig is friendly to soil and wildlife. Imagine hundreds of small producers farming in this way. Our landscape would be rich in natural capital, corridors and safe havens for wildlife. Not the desolate green wastelands we see across our farmed landscape. Consumers would have food sovereignty and a connection to where their food comes from, direct from farm to fork.


Are you organic?

We farm to organic standards, but as of yet are not certified. So as a minimum we use zero pesticides, zero additives and zero fertilisers. We rely on a whole ecosystem approach to keep pests under control. Wildlife friendly farming means companion planting, crop covers and utilises birds, beetles and bugs to feed on unwanted pests like aphids and slugs. Ethical farming is at the core of what we do.


Thank you. Every microbe of help is greatly appreciated.

1607869589_screenshot_2020-12-13_at_14.25.31.pngThink globally, act locally’ - Not only are you helping us, a new family business in Cornwall. You are helping another small scale grower be part of a farming revolution, a union of forward thinking land managers creating a localised, sustainable food system helping us grow the food from farm to fork – Cornish food sovereignty.  This is nature friendly farming providing good food for local people and businesses. Crowdfunding today helps us gain vital start up capital, so we’ve come up with a few rewards, experiences and one time goodies for you.


My good lady and on farm illustrator Maxy has designed some rather swish goodies. We’ve also offered some initial great offers regarding our CSA veg box scheme and market discounts, so take a look. 

If you want to chuck in a couple quid you can do that too. Thank you.

T-shirt colours and designs


Tote bag design



This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

Tote Bag Reward

Grab yourself a large, organic cotton tote bag branded with our logo, a thank you letter and a shout out on our social media channels. These large bags are great for market trips and days out to the beach. (Delivery available - please scroll down for designs)

£2 or more

Any contribution greatly received

Any help, however much will go a long way to helping us get this project off the ground. We'll send you a thank you letter, seeds and a big shout out on our social media channels.

£20 or more

4 of 10 claimed

£30 of veggies for £20 Reward

For £20 you'll receive £30 worth of veggies. Local collection or delivery only (15 mile radius only)

£25 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Loaded With Veg Reward

A large, organic cotton tote bag branded with our logo filled with tasty veggies, herbs and flowers of your choice. (No delivery - you'll need to live locally or collect from us)

£25 or more

T-shirt Reward

An organic cotton Furze Down market garden t-shirt, a thank you letter and a shout out on our social media channels. (Delivery available - please scroll down for designs)

£30 or more

All the Swag

All the swag. Organic cotton tote and t-shirt, a packet of seeds, thank you letter and shout on our social media channels. (Delivery available)

£50 or more

5 of 6 claimed

Name a plot

We have 6 plots on site. E1 and E2, M1 and M2 and P1 and P2. These names are rubbish, you can name them for us. Name the plot and we'll make some signs for each bed and we'll also give you a shout out on social media and a special thank you in the post.

£80 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Veg Box Reward

You'll receive one free veg box, a reserved place on the limited CSA and 5% off 2021 veg box season. An organic Furze Down Market Garden t-shirt and a large tote bag. We will also sing your praises across our social media channels and send you a thank you letter with a small token of appreciation. To claim this reward you need to live on the Roseland or within the surrounding area.

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Furze Down Guided Tour

For you and a friend - we'll give you a guided tour mid summer of our market garden and farm. We can teach you about small scale, no dig growing over a Cornish cream tea. Plus we will add your names on a sign to our shed and shout on social media.

£750 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Business reward

As a one off gift. You'll get a veg box and t-shirt delivered for 10 of your staff, a shout out on our social media pages a letter of thanks and some nifty saved seeds, and if thats not all we will have your business name printed on a sign and placed on our shed of fame. (Your business must be based in Cornwall)

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