Furaha Hapi Academy

by Janet Chandler in London, England, United Kingdom

Furaha Hapi Academy

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Our focus is to bring happiness, confidence and autonomy to local children & young people through personal enquiry and full self-expression.

by Janet Chandler in London, England, United Kingdom

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Janet Chandler and I'm following my dream to be a global leader. I believe that everyone should have the right to express their God-given talent with no barriers in the way. I care deeply for the happiness of children and young people throughout the world.

The journey 

I am working with a remarkable and dedicated team of volunteers and professionals to launch a school of performing arts and creative talent in a rural area of deprivation in Nakuru, Kenya by 2022. We are the Furaha Holistic Art of Performance, International Academy - The Furaha HAPI Academy.  

Furaha is a Swahili word meaning ‘happy.’ Our focus is to bring happiness, confidence and autonomy to local children & young people through personal enquiry and full self-expression in the holistic art of performance and creativity.  

Successful performers originating out of Kenya is a rarity and some may have no choice but to work in jobs like agriculture, retail or catering. Or have no job at all. However with our school, this situation is about to change!

Aligned with the Competency-Based Curriculum for education launched by the Kenyan Government in 2017, there is a new potential for growth in the music and performing arts industry and our learners will be in the right place at the right time to access this exciting development.


Our Academy will provide young people with training in how to sculpt their individual artistry with the latest technical innovations. They will be able to grow in the global creative industry, and graduates of the school will be encouraged to use their skills and talents to forward the success of the following generations.

In my opinion, this is living the dream:
Being free!
Being who you are meant to be!
Being happy!


The image above is me and some of the team that I have in Kenya. I have taken a picture standing on the land where we would love to build the Furaha HAPi Academy.

The Furaha-HAPi  Academy will give the youth of Kenya the opportunity to flourish and be self-expressed, fulfilled and happy, developing and utilising  their creative gifts & talents which can impact the world and create a positive legacy for their community.

Our motto is to develop world class talent from working class kids. Come help us to do just that.

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