Fundraising for masaajid and Islamic institutions

by Maryam Musa in India

Fundraising for masaajid and Islamic institutions

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Fundraising for masaajid, madrasahs, Islamic institutions and all those in need that are associated with these places.

by Maryam Musa in India

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AssalamuAlaykum/ Peace be upon you.
This Ramadhan me and a group of friends have got together to fundraise for Madrasahs/ Islamic schools (in India) in memory of our parents. Each of us (below) have lost a parent and we wanted to give back to them in this blessed month in the form of sadaqah jariyah (continuous reward). Remember- as long as these places remain, the reward will be continuous iA.

“The best charity is that given in Ramadhan” [Tirmidhi]. Please donate towards this worthy cause so that we are able to send the reward forward to our beloved parents that we have lost, whom we dearly miss and we pray that Allah (SWT) reunites us all in Jannatul Ferdous with them. Every penny will make a difference and be of benefit to those in need. (If you can't donate anything then please share this message so that others can take part.)

[[ Anyone who wishes to give zakat may do so via this account: But please specify ZAKAAT in the comments ]]

Keep everyone in your prayers, 

May Allah (SWT) reward us, accept from us and may he pass on the reward to all the deceased Muslims. 

On behalf of- Asma Musa, Aasiya Patel, Aisha Ajmal, Amina Begum, Binte Yusuf, Fahmida Islam, Henna Warraich, Hina Adam, Jihan Abdurahman, Juwairiya Choudhury, Jubeda Khanom, Juhena Aktar, Masuma Shamsi, Murshida Begum, Rujina Uddin, Shahana Begum (And family)

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