FUNDRAISER: Let the Party in Your Pants Never End!

by Vicky Ilankovan in London, England, United Kingdom

FUNDRAISER: Let the Party in Your Pants Never End!

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Hello Pantastically Painted Partiers,Hope you're all staying safe n' healthy.As you've no doubt read, the lovely Judi and the Doodlecats hav...

by Vicky Ilankovan in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello Pantastically Painted Partiers,

Hope you're all staying safe n' healthy.

As you've no doubt read, the lovely Judi and the Doodlecats have elected to put our health first and postpone Party in Your Pants' May Warehouse Rave. Whilst this is sad for all of us who hoped to revel in UV glory together, it's a sensible move by a caring organiser.

Judi and crew are postponing this event without any promise of financial support from the government (who are complete a*se-hats). She has put months of work into this event and has hired freelance/self-employed folks (DJ, photographer (we all know and love David), cloakroom staff, consent fairies), all of which could now not get paid if we ask for ticket refunds.

So, what can we do:

1. Do not ask for a refund if you can help it. A lot of us are taking a hit income-wise from COVID-19, so this may not be possible for those struggling, however if you are at all able, please consider holding off on asking for a refund. This money will then be paid to the team so that they can in turn do the socially responsible thing and pay the venue, hire companies etc (as the entire chain is going to be affected). Your ticket will then be valid for the postponed event (currently pencilled in for 27th June).

2. Consider donating. This can be a small fee, the price of a ticket, or more. As many people will not be able to hold off on asking for a refund, due to COVID-19 affecting their work, or a number of other reasons, if you are able to, please consider helping to bridge the gap and pay something forward.

3. Look after our community by being careful with hygiene etc. Hopefully we'll be able to party together in safety soon.

4. Send Judi some love. It's a hard time and we all need a bit of positivity. It's never fun when something you've worked so hard on gets derailed by something outside of your control.

Much love and paint-covered hugs


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