Fundraiser for the family of Jennie Andrews

by Louise Sowden in Plympton, England, United Kingdom

Fundraiser for the family of Jennie Andrews

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Raising funds for the family of our much loved and missed colleague Jennie Andrews

by Louise Sowden in Plympton, England, United Kingdom

Earlier this year, the REC/Ensafe team in Plymouth experienced the heart breaking and unexpected loss of our wonderful colleague Jennie Andrews. Since being taken in by our new colleagues at Ensafe we have been shown an incredible amount of support both at the time and at every moment since.

The Executive at Ensafe have been continuing this support both for the team in Plymouth and for her family, being in contact with them through the funeral planning (which we were sadly unable to attend due to the COVID-19 crisis) and since the funeral. Included in this support they have looked into any financial support Jennie's family may have been entitled too through the company that previously owned REC, as unfortunately Jennie passed away prior to being transferred over to Ensafe. It transpires that they aren't entitled to any financial contribution from the previous owners.

The Plymouth team with the support of the Executive and Board would however like to show our support to the family and show that Jennie remains now and always in our thoughts - in particular are thoughts go to Jennie's brother Robert, his wife Eva and their young daughter Zoya (Jennie's niece) who was born just weeks before she passed away, and who we do not believe she had the chance to meet. Jennie was thrilled when Zoya was born, and we believe that if any financial donation were to become available that Jennie would want it to go towards Zoya's future.

Therefore, we are reaching out to all of you within our old REC and new Ensafe family to see whether any of you would be happy to make a contribution to this fundraising effort, which we will pass to Jennie's family with the suggestion of starting up a trust fund or stored into a savings account for Zoya as she grows up. Ultimately it will be left up to the family what is done with the money but we believe this is what Jennie would have wanted.

Any contribution will be greatly, greatly appreciated by us all and I'm sure by Jennie's parents Margaret and Warren.

Thank you!

Louise, Melissa, Kelly and the rest of the Plymouth and wider Ensafe team

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