Fund Ravenshead Cricket Club

by Ravenshead Cricket Club in Arnold, England, United Kingdom

Fund Ravenshead Cricket Club

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To continue funding our juniors so when recreational cricket returns they can still receive all of the club coaching and membership benefits

by Ravenshead Cricket Club in Arnold, England, United Kingdom

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The funding will be used to cover some standing charges that have occurred since the pandemic hit the UK that we are struggling to pay for. Also, when recreational cricket does return we will then be in a position to support all of our members including juniors members in coaching and providing equipment.

Ravenshead Cricket Club is a local community cricket club that has been established for over 30 years. We play our cricket at The Burnt Stump Country Park in the South Notts Cricket League.

Our full members will typically subsidize the cost of our junior members and we normally provide coaching, equipment and playing opportunities all free of charge for our junior members. Not only that, we provide an environment that is safe for all.

Normally, every year we collect membership subscriptions which is used to get the game on and we carry out our own fundraising events, such as fun days and quiz nights to raise those extra funds to get the juniors involved, give them everything they need and get them playing cricket.

With this pandemic our normal income channels and opportunities have been cut, yet we have still had to payout standing charges and standing operational costs to keep the club in existence.

When cricket returns, and hopefully very soon, we want to be ready. We want to be in a position that all of our members can play the game safely and we do not have the financial worries that we have right now. For our juniors we want to keep them interested, we want to keep the future involved. Crowdfunder is an excellent opportunity for us and in these very different times and we would really appreciate any support that comes our way. Thank you!

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