Fulfilling a dream by learning reflexology

by Tammy in Oswestry, England, United Kingdom

Fulfilling a dream by learning reflexology

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I'm raising funds to help fulfil my purpose. Learning reflexology, combined with Reiki will enhance my skills in order to help others.

by Tammy in Oswestry, England, United Kingdom

Before you read this, know it is life affirming and that everything happens for a reason!

I also wish to offer an exchange for your support. You may or may not choose what I am offering but it's there as an option. You can read to the end or scroll to the end. I truly hope you find something that resonates with you 

Shall we begin...... ????

You have two choices…

In Nov 2021 my consultant told me I had two choices, one do nothing and I was dead in a year or operate. 

I was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was a huge scary, life changing moment that has me reflecting about life and how I truly desire to live it to my full potential and purpose. I am blessed with a post op life that fills me with joy and gratitude and a desire to give back by helping other people.

I believe I can help through training in reflexology and combining it with my Reiki and life experiences, providing a service to others that will enhance their life.

The MRI scan

During my treatment I had an MRI scan. Not sure if you’ve ever had one but boy are they noisy! Anyway, I was doing my best to meditate on my life going forward and what changes I wanted to make. I wanted to life with a purpose that fulfilled me and meant I was of service to others, helping them find healing and peace. If ever you want to understand that everything vibrates, have a MRI! I was literally vibrating when it was over! Very strange feeling. But from that mediation, ideas formed about how I could be of service that was beneficial to me and my clients.

I make jewellery, I am a Reiki Master, I feel energy of places, things, people, I know the vibration of everything makes a difference to our mood, I know the world is struggling under the weight of such negativity right now that we could all use a little help.

My little box idea was born out of me having cancer. A huge positive from an incredibly difficult situation.

Home Spa Day 

A friend visited during my chemo and we shared a home spa day as I wasn’t able to got to a real one, yet. I guided her through a healing meditation whilst giving a foot massage. That’s when I was given the idea of reflexology and how this therapy would fit into my other ideas.

Through the mediation I “saw” myself giving a reflexology session and at the end, handing over one of my little gift boxes. Suddenly everything slotted into place and I knew reflexology was my next step.

Have you thought about crowd funding?

Talking through my idea with another fabulous friend, I explained I had found the perfect course for me, how it works with Reiki, my jewellery making and gift box idea, but would need help raising the funds for the course fee, books, materials and equipment needed. She suggested crowdfunding. I have never been involved in crowdfunding so its all very new to me but I’m listening and being guided to do this, so here I am!! Courses are not funded for 50 year old  soon to be 51 year olds, so I'm hoping to have help from you beautiful people!

The Course

Training to be a reflexologist will allow me to integrate other creative ideas and work with people in a variety of ways. The course is recognised by the exams boards and I will be a Practitioner Reflexologist on completion. It’s full time for one year and the equivalent of a 2nd year at uni in terms of study hours and academic level of study.

Monies raised

All funds will go towards the course fee (£2,900), equipment costs (unknown at the mo) i.e. towels, stool, therapy chair, books (£55), accreditation fees (£274.20), consumables (unknown cost as mo) such as aromatherapy oils. If by an amazing crowd of fundraisers there is money remaining this will help me with travel costs to the college. 

Life is a privilege

It’s exciting to be alive, sounds dramatic I know but it’s so true! I also have many more adventures to have, enjoy and share. I’m certainly not ready to meet my maker yet! This is a new opportunity and one I intend to make full use of. I feel I am being guided to the right people at the right time for all the right reasons, it would be rude to ignore that!! 

I believe in a positive mindset and would be honoured to have your support and for you to be a part of my story. 

Me and my Purpose

I have a real desire to provide a healing service through reflexology, Reiki, intentional jewellery and gift boxes. It's not the usual calling but I have a purpose calling me to bring a safe space for people to heal, to learn and to reflect. I have a passion to help raise our energetic frequency so that life has more joy, love and compassion for everyone. I can’t promise there won’t be tears along the way! The ripple effect is so worth the investment in time and effort.

Why reflexology?

Reflexology dates back to 2500 BC in Egypt and approximately 4000BC in China. It's an ancient form of healing that still exists today. That speaks volumes to me, if it didn't work would it still be practised today? 

It works by applying gentle pressure to the energy points in our feet, with each point relating to a different area in the body. Gentle pressure releases energy blocks in the pathways throughout the body and is non-intrusive. It gives our bodies a chance to relax and allows our own healing mechanism to be stimulated.

I believe self care is important and I want to provide a little oasis from everyday stresses, to help people find a release of stress. Reflexology provides balance, reduces stress and tension. Together with Reiki, it will aid in giving a sense of well-being that works with every unique individual's needs.

Me and You 

I hope my story resonates with you. I am still here (yes and still touching wood for good luck!), I am still positive, still learning and willing to share my experience. If you are able and willing to help that is just fantastic. If you have found inspiration in my story, I am chuffed to bits regardless of whether you donate. Isn't life about inspiring people around us? 

I would love for this to be an exchange, so am offering donors different options listed below

Donation of £5+

Distance Reiki Healing

I have over 20 years of experience working with the Reiki energy. Reiki is formed from two Japanese works, Rei, meaning God's Wisdom or Higher Power and Ki meaning Life Force Energy.  It is not bound by time and space so I can send energy to a person, place or situation of your choosing regardless of the distance between us.

Donation of £10+

Half Hour taster session - in person Reiki session (to be held in Oswestry)

Donation of £15+

Guided meditation. Meditation is a powerful way of connecting to a problem you may have and clearing the blocks to resolving it. I have seen some remarkable transformations from the guided meditations I have facilitated.

Donation of £30+

Intentional jewellery is a new way of thinking about my creations. I have always made my jewellery with intention but have only just put the two together! 

All my jewellery is made with Reiki, love, joy  and hope. So if you choose this you will receive an intentionally handmade copper pendant specifically with you in mind.

Donation of £30+

One Hour  - in person Reiki session (to be held in Oswestry)

Donation of £50+

Little Gift Box - this is the idea that came to me in the MRI Scanner! It will be a selection of hand made/ selected items. Included will be a handmade pendant, and a positive word search (created out of an enforced time at home doing online word searches with low vibrational words in them, like illness! But how appropriate!)

If you choose this gift you will need to provide some details so that I can connect with your energy and create a box especially for you.

Blessings and wishes

I have found many blessings since my diagnosis, not least the knowing that I have a purpose and that doesn't include 'going back to life as usual'. It's a time to rejuvenate a passion that I have held for a long time. I know my purpose is to help people find hope, joy, peace, love and calm, even when they are feeling 'fine', there is always room for more of good stuff!

I wouldn’t wish anyone to donate if it doesn’t feel right for them, but if you do feel able to donated a £1 or more I would be over the moon and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love and many hugs Tammy

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