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by Jamie Firth in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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To support anyone involved with advice, hints and support throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018 with a daily live stream.

by Jamie Firth in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe can be very testing of pretty much everyone's mental health. There are so many pressures on people during this, the most month important of many act's year - knowing what to do, where to go or looking for shoulders to cry on is invaluable. And, for some, there is little support or advice: some people get left behind.

The pressures creatively, financially, logistically and emotionally across an entire month of performance are a mighty challenge. 

Well, in 2018, we want to make sure that’s not the case for anyone. 


Supported by the Mental Health Foundation, we will be presenting “FFS Livestream”, a daily morning chat show streamed to the internet aimed at offering support and advice to the huge community involved in the Fringe. With a cross section of guests from across different disciplines, levels of experience and with a variety of haircuts, we will discuss all the potential pitfalls of Edinburgh and help people to avoid them. Telling their war stories - letting everyone see the highs AND lows to try and help people realise that they are not alone. Helping everyone to see we’re all in it together and helping make sure that no-one gets left behind.

Bruce Springsteen used to have a saying: “Nobody wins unless everybody wins”. I don’t think that’s an unachievable goal in Edinburgh, so long as are constantly mindful that we are all comrades, and not competitors.

(There's a blog post with more information about why we want to do this here:

We have already spoken to some amazing people who have agreed to appear in whatever way they can (obviously everybody’s Edinburgh schedule is not yet set, so early days) – if they cannot be on LIVE then we will be recording some packages with them before the festival that we can use throughout. Jake Yapp! The amazing Johnny and the Baptists! Lovely lovely Bec Hill! Athena Kugblenu! Colin Hoult in one (or many) of his human forms. Tiernan Douieb! Thanyia Moore!  Alistair Williams! Les Enfants Terribles! The peerless Lyn Gardner offering a critic’s view. The wonderful silent comedy of The Kagools! Laura Lexx! Eshaan Akbar! Lauren Pattison! Joe Sutherland! Lorna Shaw! Potential for anarchic cookery from DIY Chef George Egg! Kirsty Newton! Jenan Younis!  Songs and sass from the irrepressible (we’ve tried, and we could not) Cat Loud! Mark Dean Quinn! Sooz Kempner! Sophie Duker! The incomparable Kat Bond. Natalie Cutler! Ross and Josh of the Not So Late Show.  Mighty-morphin’ Holly Morgan! James Rowland! Ali Brice! Olga Koch! Witt ‘n Camp! PR Advice from Chloe Nelkin! 

We need to raise an initial £12,000 to help pay towards the massive costs of developing this venture: people on the team are donating their time for free, but we need to pay for the equipment hire, production, accommodation, travel and insurance. And the tea and toast (sponsors welcome!).

Please give what you can to help us launch this new support network. And if you can't (hey, we get that!) then why not follow us on social media and share with people you think might like to!

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