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by Nadine Aldakheel in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Our Aim is to help fund a passion project and create a film that celebrates female friendship

by Nadine Aldakheel in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


"Friends Forever" is a short coming-of-age drama film that tells the story of Jo and Millie’s life-long friendship. The two 19 year-olds are spending their last evening together before heading off to different universities. They promise to stay friends forever. Will they?

A beautiful tell of female friendship and youth

About the characters:


Jo is the artist – she’s funny and has a heart of gold, she’s somehow naïve but also fierce. She lives in the moment, has strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong and is a day-dreamer. She’s going to Cambridge where she will major in English literature. Jo grew up at Millie’s more than in her own house, because of her absent parents.


Millie is blunt and highly sensitive. She often gets into fights and is very selective with friends. She looks for attention in the wrong places, but with Jo, she’s always peaceful and centered. She’s going to Oxford where she will major in Economics. Her father lives in Germany and she was raised by her mother.

Director’s statement:

Many coming-of-age films revolve around love stories with young female protagonists falling head over heels for the wrong or the right boy. I was craving more stories about friendship, female friendships. Most of the strongest relationships I’ve had in my life, where I’ve experience a love-struck, instant connection type of feeling was with other girls. Friends Forever is a love letter to these youthful friendships, to all the girls I’ve known that remained friends and the ones that went away. Lady Bird, Very Good Girls, Stand By Me and Booksmart have stuck with me since I’ve watched them and helped to build the story of Friends Forever.

Friends Forever is set in 2023 yet is engorged with nostalgic elements borrowed from the 1970s and 1980s – it’s a timeless and melancholic story.

Our Crew 



Maëlle Leggiadro (Nora) is a writer, director and actress. She recently graduated from film school in France. She also works as a model and as an AD in films and TV. She appears in a few feature films and holds the lead part in many shorts.

Her love for storytelling started from a young age. As a child/teen, she wrote stories about her and her friends and the adventures they went on, which translated into her current passion for coming-of-age films. One of her latest shorts, “Tune In When You Get Home” is multi-awarded internationally. With “Friends Forever”, Maëlle wants to tell a story about female friendship. It’s for all the wonderful girls she’s known in her life, the ones that remained friends and the ones that went away. Can friendship survive everything?

She’ll be interpreting Jocelyn, a 19-year-old, hot-headed and naive young woman about to start her studies at Cambridge University.

Domizia Salusest


Domizia Salusest is a London-based Photographer and Cinematographer. With a background as a documentary Photojournalist, she has a keen interest in using eclectic visual styles to best serve every storytelling need.

As a Cinematographer, Domizia has been attracted by a range of genres and stories, with a particular interest in narratives with strong characters that bring about an element of social change. Her short film 'Man To Man' starring David Harewood MBE (Homeland, Supergirl) is BIFA and BAFTA-qualifying, having picked up over 20 awards including for Best Cinematographer. She recently shot two Netflix-funded short films, a psychological thriller '27' and an observational romantic drama 'Queen of Diamonds'. Additionally, Domizia's work on the documentary 'Barry The Beekeeper' aired on Altogether TV on Sky, securing the Best Documentary award at the Little Wing film festival. Her latest project is a short experimental drama 'Weirdo,' currently available on Apple TV.

You can find out more about her work on:

Emma Murai


Emma Murai is an actress and model. She started her acting career in Hungary where she is originally from. Her first television appearance was  in the Hungarian series called " A Tanár “ where she was casted for 2 seasons as lead role. She participated in a short movie “ Annie shared her location” in 2021. In 2022 she began her studies at Identity School of Acting. Working with Maelle in " Friends forever " is an exciting opportunity for her since she always wanted to experience the " uni life " and all the emotions that come with it . Her character is a warm hearted open minded soul who even though loves new adventures , finds it difficult to separate with her best friend who has been a very important part of her life since a young age.

Nadine Aldakheel


Nadine Aldakheel is a producer based in London. She specialises in sports and social media films and has created yearly animal conservation documentaries for charity. Nadine is experienced in shoot planning, assessing risks and developing a strong repertoire with crew members along the years. Her focus for Friends Forever is to help create a film that evokes a feeling of girlhood and lasting female friendships.

Niamh Lynch


Niamh Lynch is a director and producer who is passionate about telling truthful, considered stories. She is currently working full time in a commercial production company as an associate producer, junior creative and director.

As well as her day job she has produced and directed multiple music videos, each more ambitious than the last. Niamh is dedicated to making people feel looked after on set, and loves bringing a team together, leading to her roles as an AD. Her excitement in Friends Forever is rooted in her own experiences of changing friendships and the power of these connections, she is grateful to be part of the team telling this story.

Budget Breakdown 

We really appreciate your interest in helping this film to come to life. We have created a topline budget breakdown of how your contribution will help fund different areas of our project.


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