by Richard Duncan in Stockport, England, United Kingdom


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Buy a street traders licence, a new juicer so I can make the juices quicker and also start to approach local schools in the area :)

by Richard Duncan in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

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On the 3rd July 2020 we'd raised £120 with 4 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Hello - my name is Richard Duncan thanks for taking the time out to visit this new exciting business venture of mine.

First of all, a little bit about myself, who is Richard Duncan? I come from a place called Park Village, Wolverhampton. Not a very nice place indeed. After graduating university in 2016 and filtering from job to job I decided to pack up and move up North to Manchester, a place I have always enjoyed. So in mid 2019 after deciding on a location in this huge city myself and the Mrs decided to go with a place called Heaton Moor - if you know it a popular and beautiful place; a different place to where I grew up.

After finding our feet and settling down and finding our church (The Ramp) as we’re people of faith we can now say Heaton Moor feels more like home.

Anyway, back to the story and my business. As I decided that it’s finally time to launch my own business I saw a demand for fresh juices throughout the Four Heatons as the only thing I could see it was lacking, you could say the cherry on top. I'm no stranger to smoothies and juices, it's helped me run competitively for years and racking up a few medals along the way.

All those nutrients that fruit and veg posses have shaped my thinking patterns with their rich supply of Vitamin B-6. What makes my project different is I'm doing all the hard work by pressing the juices, bottling those juices and ensuring they are prepared and delivered perfectly, as you can imagine juicing can be quite a lengthy and strenuous process. We have all been there in the morning forgetting to have breakfast or a fresh juice or coffee is one thing but not having time to chop and pack your fruit and veg (5-a-day) can be very impacting on your health and day-2-day life. After researching the nutrients that are packed in fruits and vegs I can see this business doing well. So, I decided to launch a business called 4 Heatons Juice Ltd. After launching around 3 weeks ago I have had some awesome clients, awesome feedback and enhanced the flavours to provide you with more than 5-a-day in every single bottle. 

After spending my own money on equipment I do believe people have responded well to the drinks and 3 flavours I provide ( all taste nice by the way) But, I believe I've hit a wall - there’s only so much one person can do right? I need your help! 

After researching on Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C & A, Magnesium and Iron (Found in carrots, oranges, pears etc) I have found studies and scientific proof on the connections between those vitamins above and reduced stress, anxiety, helps fight against again certain cancers, plus generally giving you more energy, as you can imagine all this information can be found online very easily. Again, it is proven that the vitamins in fresh fruit and veg have an impact on fighting against these detrimental implications. More information can be found on NHS website.

I want to make my business a permanent success across the Four Heatons. A Permanent success in major food chain stores and a pressing factor in schools across the local area also. What makes this 4 Heatoins Juices different to your Naked smoothies and other is there are naturally no preservatives in my bottles, zero in-fact. All of my bottles are fresh and only include over 1kg of fruit and veg in every single bottle. And, compared to other cold-pressing juice companies 4 Heatons Juice is affordable! I'm not charging extortionate prices; all my prices are realistic and affordable.

As well as changing the fresh juice extortionate prices, as mentioned above,  I would like to introduce fresh juices in schools also, I’m serious about this and I’m currently in talks with my local MP on help with approaching school - I'm doing all I can :) 

I have a great idea and a great even better business model -  I just need your help to take it to the next level. What Do I need exactly? I need a cold-press juicer as this pushes out all those natural nutrients in every single piece of fruit and veg, I need to buy a street traders licence so I can push my product out on the streets I also need public liability insurance, more juice bottles with my logo on the front, council hygiene certification and a course to go with it and finally, most importantly to me I want to get my product in schools as I'm confident that my 5-a-day bottles with over 1kg of fruit and veg in each bottle with have a positive impact on children's lives.  

Every penny will be accounted for and I don’t even mind providing proof of purchases going forwards. I’m an honest guy with an honest business purpose - from where I come from many of the children and adults don’t get the opportunity to see things in a brighter light. As you can imagine a fresh juice providing people with there 5-a-day in each bottle will naturally take off :) - again zero preservatives, no secret ingredients just natural fruit and veg created on this green earth. 

I’m not asking for much, just give what you can and help provide 4 Heatons Juice Ltd with an opportunity to help provide others with much-needed vitamins. 

Finally, to close since the launch 3 weeks ago every pound I have made I have also donated 10% to my church which, is also a registered charity called The Ramp Church Mcr. As long as my business is running I will continue to donate a minimum of 10% without any questions asked.

So please donate what you can.


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