For the Love of Game

by For the Love of Game in Hexham, England, United Kingdom

For the Love of Game
We did it
On 13th January 2021 we successfully raised £1,796 with 17 supporters in 48 days

To build an Approved Game Handling Establishment in the North East, supporting the circular economy, through game and food.

by For the Love of Game in Hexham, England, United Kingdom

  • ‘For the Love of Game’ 

This project is a culmination of Silver and James’ life experience within the British game industry (rearing, baking and processing!). 

We have come to understand, through our experiences processing/selling/actively promoting the sale of game across the North of England, what the answers to some questions around game and food supply, communities, shooting, conservation can look like.

We live, work, shoot and fish here in Northumberland.


We would like YOU to be part of our ongoing mission to build and furnish an Approved Game Handling Establishment (AGHE) setting a blueprint for new entrants into this growing element of the food industry.

By offering rewards to EVERYONE who pledges support, we hope to involve YOU in underpinning an industry that is in a spot of bother.

We have been very fortunate so far, renting premises for processing until 2018 when our landlord passed away suddenly.

With the help of some of our suppliers, who also double up as plumbers, electricians, groundworks, game dealers and industry specialists, we have plans to build our own AGHE in Northumberland.

We have some awesome rewards, a groundswell of support and a BIG Vision for our product range.


Membership of both BASC and NGO has meant the world to our team.

As a trade member we demonstrate game cooking to a live audience. It is epic. We have hugged, fed, motivated slivers of change with other game dealers and made some noise about the benefits of British game wherever we can.


As an active member of the National Game Dealers Association (NGDA) we have a plethora of experience to draw on. Game dealers across the UK now realise there is a home market for game and are happy to work with both local shoots and farm shops.

The quality of work our gamekeeper/stalker does day-to-day is directly reflected in the quality of their product. This season is exceptional.

Affiliates of our business follow the code of conduct for handling wild game (Wild Game Guide) as well as actively participating in the recent shoot assurance scheme being rolled out across Great Britain.

The Gamekeepers' Welfare Trust is an organisation we will continue to support. None of us know when we will have to reach out for help. Helen and her truly awesome team need as much support as we can give them so they can continue to offer gamekeepers, ghillies and stalkers from any county, in any country, a safe place to talk/recover/reach out.

We pledge 10% of our trading profit each year to this lifeline. We may not be making a profit this year, however, we have continued our support.

To everyone who shoots. Please take time to browse our rewards. We love the work you do and totally accept there are times of surplus. This goes for all feather and fur species on the general licence.

For almost 13 years Silver and her Team have been baking, making sausages/burgers and selling via local markets/farm shops and now online! 

Our customers are a wonderful mix of people that is Great Britain. All of our products are tested on children. By far the most honest element of society when it comes to food. From rugby tours to midnight walks, children have voted with their bellies.


From rabbit bon bons to scotch eggs – we have road-tested our recipes and street food ideas. So much so, we invested in our ‘For the Love of Game’ food trailer in 2019.
Come and see us, cash in a reward when we are back on the road.


Share our world. Take up space in our heart; everyone who pledges to this crowdfunding project will have their names sign written within our heart. Come and find us at events in 2021 (fingers crossed). 

The mission:

  • To build a fully-functioning AGHE in the North East with 24/7 accessibility; available from April 2021.
  • Where any legitimate trained hunter, registered with their local council and adhering to our terms and conditions, can label and leave their surplus quarry. 

We will

  • Commit to new terms and conditions each season with affiliate shoots. 
  • Maintain the highest food standards
  • Promote the sale and consumption of wild British game.

Come on board. Please.

We believe we deliver value for money. We also support our suppliers and customers by way of a good chat and a brew. The kettle is always on ????


Join this campaign to: ‘provide an all-encompassing service 24/7 to suppliers and a year-round supply of wild game products to customers’.


The food chain has its issues.
We believe our project can, via a localised circular economy, bridge the gap between:

  • Rural and urban communities via the food chain
  • Those that shoot for sport/food/pest control
  • Those who would like to eat the net result
  • We are experienced in processing game
  • We have a local market willing to purchase our products

We ALL have to be accountable for what happens to the produce we grow and eat. Many people catch or shoot but don’t eat game, mainly because they don’t know how to.

The Taste of Game (ToG) distributes easy-to-follow, delicious recipe leaflets through any number of butchers/farm shops/delis to help you all. This initiative has broadened its remit by taking ambassadors of game into schools and colleges. Encouraging active participation by handling game from feather/fur to fork.

The Eat Game awards have become an established annual event celebrating the work so many of us do behind the scenes in the food journey. We were grateful to have been nominated in 2018 and won the Market/Street Food category in 2019.


YOU guys have backed us before. Thank YOU.

We believe this campaign is a good way to thank you for your continued belief in us.

We have re-invested everything into this BIG dream. Little gems of support via email and social media, as well as expressions of interest from farm shops and local butchers, have been instrumental in developing our focus … Let’s Do It!

Our crowdfunding plan:

We are looking to secure £69,000 from YOU.

We know this is a monumental ask of YOU and ALL your FRIENDS. 

Pledge or Pass us on to friends and family who may be interested in supporting a small business. One that underpins a local and very diverse community.

We ALL want to be accountable for what happens to the produce we grow and eat. 

The solution … AGHE

Our Food Standards Approved game handling plant will be operational by May 2020.

We have a property, detailed plans, some basic equipment and a groundswell of support in place.

This project is a big ask from our hearts to get like-minded people involved by pledging support; large or small.

We welcome practical advice as well as feedback on the work we support.

So please … you the Crowd … pledge financial support for a very special reward and the knowledge that you are supporting our mission.

Let us bridge the gap between those that shoot for sport/food/pest control and those who would like to eat delicious, healthy wild game by letting us process it for you.


Thank you


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

Thank You from the For the Love of Game Team

A huge 'Thank You' from the entire Team at For the Love of Game. Your support has encouraged us ALL to move forward to build the Dream - a Food Processing Facility in Northumberland. Dedicated to feather and fur, wild British game, where we can produce awesome sausages and butchery offerings in house.

£12 or more

£12.00 Baked Game Samples

A fabulous sample selection of our baked game products. Includes 1 slice of game pie (100g) and 1 slice of game terrine (100g). These slices are suitable for one person and are ideal for those who have yet to try our delicious game offerings but unsure of what they may like.

£15 or more

1 of 100 claimed

£15 A strong Tote bag

This strong Tote bag is essential for carrying home your favourite goodies. With a Black Grouse and our favourite saying ‘For the Love of Game’ printed on both sides.

£20 or more

£20 'Little Brother' game pie

Our 'Little Brother' game pie (av 550g) is made with love and attention to detail with a nod to tradition using hot water pastry. Our pies have been developed over the years and road-tested on THE ultimate honest testers: children. We have three offerings: Festive, Traditional & Sweet – BE SURE TO CHOOSE yours. Everything we create is road-tested on children ranging from 3–18. If children refuse to eat game, how will we encourage adults?

£25 or more

10% Discount

Exclusive for YOU. 10% discount on ALL of our sales platforms for three years if you are a member of BASC or NGO. Using your current BASC or NGO membership Number you can reward yourself for living in difficult times. A huge ‘Thank You’ for supporting us. PS Get your membership renewed now ... the cut-off date for 2020 is December 31st ????

£40 or more

A 'Big Boy' game pie

Our 'Big Boy' game pie (av 1.2kg) is made with as much love and attention as the ‘Little Brothers’ with a nod to tradition using hot water pastry. Our pies have been developed and road-tested on THE ultimate honest testers: children. We have three offerings: Festive, Traditional & Sweet – BE SURE TO CHOOSE yours. Everything we create is road-tested on children ranging from 3–18. If children refuse game, how will we encourage adults?

£49 or more

1 of 50 claimed

Build & Bake from the comfort of your own kitchen

On a prearranged date (tbc) we will get together in our own kitchens to bake a game pie. Enjoy a Build & Bake from the comfort of your own kitchen. Ingredients will be sent to you a couple of days before the event. All you will need to do is provide a baking tin (a loaf tin is ideal). On the day, Silver will guide you through the steps to creating your very own game pie, while having fun and sharing stories (about 45 minutes).

£50 or more

A ‘Little bit of Everything’

A ‘Little bit of Everything’: 1 x 'Little Brother' game pie (av 550g), 1 x Game Terrine (av 500g), and 4 x Venison Sausage rolls (frozen). All products are made with love and attention to detail. Our pies give a nod to tradition using hot water pastry and our game terrine is packed with flavour and best eaten cold with salad or seasonal vegetables. Our venison sausage rolls (frozen) are ready to cook for any occasion.

£75 or more

2 of 100 claimed

Boxed ‘Baked Game Goodies’ Hamper

Wow! Our boxed ‘Game Goodies’ hamper includes 1 x ‘Big Boy’ game pie, 2 x ‘Little Brother’ game pies and 1 x Game Terrine. This is the ultimate box of goodies for lovers of game. Simple products made with love.

£150 or more

0 of 25 claimed

Boxed 'Game Goodies' Hamper

A boxed hamper stuffed with goodies delivered to your specified address. 8 x smoked pigeon breasts, 6 x smoked pheasant breasts, 1 x game terrine (450g), 1 x ‘Big Boy’ game pie, 1 x Bonnie Moorhen wedge of Cheese, 1 x Kitty's Ginger wine (750ml), 1 x Cranberry Sauce (200g), 1 x Taste of Game recipe leaflet. Delivered to your door in as little packaging as we can!

£200 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Private Beat Salmon Fishing – 1 rod + lunch

Jim Fleming is a Freelance Ghillie with an international reputation for those who require instruction on the fly. Enjoy a whole day Private Beat Salmon Fishing and instruction on the River Tweed at Fog House with Jim. Lunch will be provided (game pies - of course!!). We love days off and this will be a very relaxing day with creature comforts supplied: warm fire, hot/cold drinks, waders, rod, line and of course expert tuition and flies.

£250 or more

0 of 7 claimed

'Celebration' Game Pie

A bespoke ‘Celebration’ game pie weighing in at a whopping 4.5kg. These will only be hand delivered to mainland Britain. Hand made, hand delivered. Any occasion where you can get together to celebrate life is to be cherished … and celebrated with a game pie. Feed up to 20 people.

£500 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Silver Service 'Come Dine with You'

With our Silver Service ‘Come Dine with You’ reward you provide the venue, booze and company of choice (10 people) and Silver provides the services! Silver Service includes Silver preparing and delivering your meal with the help of a small team. Your three-course meal will include game throughout each course. You thought we couldn't do puddings!

£2,999 or more

PPP - Perfect plucking partnership

This is an EXCLUSIVE package. Available to those who take time to pre-arrange collection by a game dealer. We will collect from your premises (within Northumberland) and return the product to you for one season: plucked/processed/packaged and ready for the freezer/guns/restaurant/other. These are real time costs for a 250-bird shoot over 11 weeks. Of course you can get it cheaper. This is a one-time offer.

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