Trying to create a forever foster home

by Forever Grateful in England, United Kingdom

Trying to create a forever foster home

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by Forever Grateful in England, United Kingdom

I haven't been lucky enough to have my own children due to a bleeding disorder despite medical interventions and trying every angle going.

I'm single, 44 and my parents are in their 70s. 

We have decided to risk it all to try and make a dream a reality. There are 3 children that need immediate safeguarding placement that I would love to help.

We have found the most amazing house, it was auctioned and I have thrown everything we have and are struggling with time to get a mortgage in place in time

 I'm selling my houseboat I've renovated to raise extra cash, mom and dad have sold their house, ive sold pretty much everything I have and are adding to funds every day. The house is amazing but was trashed by renters who turned it into a cannabis factory during lockdown and trashed the lower part of the house. We would have 5 available bedrooms once complete but need the initial cash whilst getting long term funds in place for the top up needed. 

I've put down a 61000 deposit to secure snd the vendors have kindly agreed and extended exchange period of 8 weeks to help me try and secure because they are on board with my plans. If I dont raise the extra we will lose the house and deposit which will potentially destroy any chance we have.

Affordability in the long term is no issue, it's the short term I'm struggling with. I will happily contract and fully reimburse anyone who wants once I have secured the mortgage. 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and I would never normally do anything like this, I just want to make happy smiley memories in a family home before it's too late.

I can and will happily provide proof of all income and purchase etc, and have solicitor's for legalities who could confirm the position.

I understand this is a long shot but one that for me and these children is worth it.

Thank you so much 

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