For Emma - Short Film

by Julia Spencer in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


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Short drama film For Emma deals with the idea of love, loss and forgiveness. Thank you for all your help! x

by Julia Spencer in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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Svend Emil Jacobsen 31st May 2020

Dear Julia, Rachel, Anna and team. I'd like to be a support. I think we can all empathize with the theme -:) In my journey, it's become a lifesaver to 'reframe' FAIL into First Attempt In Learning. Sir Ken Robinson speaks of the importance of making mistakes for being creative. Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad says the same. We can only learn by having a go. Being afraid of making mistakes stifles creativity. As Julia knows I am developing an @OnSetWellbeing scheme. I've got a network of holistic healers lined up who'd love to be involved in the wellbeing aspects of teamwork and filmmaking. Sincerely Svend Emil Jacobsen, Actor, performer, massage therapist and bodyworker and @OnSetWellbeing facilitator

Carmen Diana Almeida 24th May 2020

I'm so proud that your creativity hasn't stop on this situation!! I hope this tiny contribution helps all the team to create the short film you have in mind! xx

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