For Emma - Short Film

by Julia Spencer in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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Short drama film For Emma deals with the idea of love, loss and forgiveness. Thank you for all your help! x

by Julia Spencer in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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Our working title ‘For Emma’ is a short drama about love and loss. Our story talks about failure and how to accept this as an integral part of life. This is a story about the past and the present as we follow a conversation between two friends on a road trip down memory lane.

They say turning 30 isn’t just another chapter in a book, it’s a new book. A chance to start over. But Emma can’t move on. She is stood in a doorway lingering between the past and the present. She keeps her memories close by, allowing them to sit in the corners of her living room. After the loss of her best friend, Olivia, she sets out on a trip where she looks back on all that she has gained, and all that she has lost, and says her final goodbye.

                                                                                                                       Painting by Eva Pejšková

Some of the most important conversations I have had with others have been in a car, and within this space that is constantly moving forward, we talk, and as we focus on the road ahead of us, we listen. We listen, we share and we learn about each other. Something we so easily forget to do on the outside.


Director_Julia Spencer

Julia Spencer is a Swedish actress and director with a BA in Media Production and MA in Drama. During her four years in Cardiff, she has built up a portfolio of work from both her acting and film career. By doing an MA in Drama, she continued to practice as a filmmaker by applying theatre elements to her work. She created a 40 min multimedia piece about domestic abuse consisting of physical theater, audio effects, lighting and cinema. Since graduating she has worked as a self employed actress and director and is always willing to work with any medium in order to achieve her creative vision. When writing stories her focus has always been about characters and their struggles, their pasts and the present.                                                 "Someone once told me, I tell stories the way I see the world, which I found myself relating to at times. But I soon realised, stories help me understand character, life and all that comes with it. I tell stories to understand the world around me."

Writer_Rachel Spencer

Rachel Spencer, writer and elder sister, has studied cinema studies at Stockholm University and has a BA in Media and Communication Studies. Rachel is currently living in Sweden where she is completing her degree in teaching. Rachel has been writing stories since she was a young girl, and when Julia needed a writer, there was no one else but her sister.                                                                                      “I wanted to tell a story about the things that connect us. Feelings of self-doubt, loss and regret are all things we experience. I wanted to spread a message of hope and encouragement, a friendly reminder that we’re not alone in the world and that the very feelings that haunt us are also what connect us”.

Producer_Anna Korecká

Helping the two sisters put the story onto screen is a genuinely talented, exciting and international crew. Anna is Czech Production Manager based in Cardiff where she studied BA Film at the University of South Wales. During her studies, Anna became an Award Winning Producer and worked on over 20 Short Film Productions including the Documentary "Happy Naked People" for BBC Wales. When not filming, Anna writes, obsesses about stationary or bakes vegan cakes.                                           "A story like this is so important for multiple different reasons. Motifs like feeling of failure and grief are international concepts we all connect to. When reading the script, I felt the story is something personal for both Writer and Director and that they both deeply care about it. I am really happy to be part of such a great team that loves their craft and works hard to get their ideas out there."

Cinematographer_Tom Barker

The DOP for this project is an extremely talented Swansea based cinematographer. Tom Barker works in feature films and commercials. He has built up an extensive portfolio of work from fantasy films to studio fashion shoots, from working in the Finnish wilderness at -23 degrees centigrade to filming a beer commercial. Tom’s versatility and ability to adapt to any project makes him an invaluable creative talent on any shoot.

Music_Dan J Coppuck

As this piece is strongly musically influenced, it was important to find a composer who understood Julia’s vision. Daniel Coppuck is a music producer, sound engineer, musician and composer from South Wales. Daniel has worked with a number of artists spanning genres from blues to metal, pop to rock and singer songwriter to hip-hop/trap. He is currently working on a number of different projects with independent artists and studying a MSc in Music Engineering and Production at USW Cardiff.                                                                                             "I believe there is a great story being told by the director. I want my music to help invoke the emotions intended by the director, and to help tell the story with the most immersive soundtrack embellishing the scenes."

Sound_John Butterfield-Elsey

John Butterfield-Elsey is our  location sound recordist and post production mixer. Graduating from his undergraduate course last year he has already worked on features, shorts and commercial narrative pieces. He has also been working on some BBC Sesh projects.                                              "During lockdown it has given me the opportunity to pick what project I want to do next.  When I was sent this project I knew it was something I had to be part of. After talking with the director we get the opportunity to show off some of wales areas of outstanding natural beauty."

Storyboard Artist_Sam Alexander-Ford

Sam Alexander-Ford created the stop motion for our fundraiser page and will be continuing to work as our storyboarder. An important element of our work is collaboration, so it's important for us to work with different artists to help us achieve our creative vision. I want us to keep connecting through our work by communicating through our creative language. We have several other artists that will be creating artwork for us, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page for some beautiful content.



As the Welsh landscapes and culture play an important role in this film, we have chosen to film around Brecon Beacons. After only four years in Cardiff, Julia already calls Wales her home. Coming from a beautiful country like Sweden, she has found herself at home among the many beautiful castles and mountains that she has visited. So there is no doubt that she is inspired by the outstanding beauty of Brecon Beacons.


If this project is something you would like to support, please see beneath what your money would be used for! Any help will be very appreciated.


We need your help to make our film possible! Your money will go to paying our cast and crew for their hard work and dedication to the project, paying for our beautiful locations, for the equipment that we need to make this story come alive, food and safety on set, and our final step, submitting our film to festivals around the world, and this is all possible with your help. This project has brought a group of passionate freelancers together. From our talented storyboarder who created the stop motion, and Eva who created the concept art and to the rest of cast and crew who will make this project possible. This project will give creative work for all of us who are sat at home struggling during lockdown.  

So Why Donate?

● We believe with the help from all of you that we will deliver a powerful and emotional story.

● We will be making a film that we have given all of our time to, from the script to the talented people who will be working on it. With your help we can take it to festivals around the world and enter into competitions so the film can be seen by as many people as possible

● The most important element of our work is collaboration. You will be helping freelancers get back on their feet after a very difficult time in lockdown.

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