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A documentary film about recovery from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) - exploring the realities and diversity of a healing brain.

We're still collecting donations

On the 2nd January 2023 we'd raised £10,100 with 125 supporters in 54 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Amazing...we reached our basic target early in the New Year! 
Now we'd dearly love to raise extra funds for crucial post-production elements, and marketing and distribution expertise for the finished film. 

  • Hurrah, we achieved our basic target with the fantastic support of 137 lovely people. This enabled us to procure essential equipment  and to make a start on location-based filming commenced in April preceded by essential planning phase, and all logistics surrounding this, ie travel & transport, accommodation, sustenance, etc, plus myriad sundries that come with filming.

  • The initial target also factored in being able to pay experienced editors, and composers. Producers have taken a hit in making this project happen for pure love and commitment to producing this awareness-creating film.

  • We kept the fund open and have continued to receive a trickle of very welcome support. 

  • As at October 2023 we are into our final quarter of filming. After which we will be plotting together the jigsaw puzzle of substantial footage, and editing rough cuts. Exciting. 

  • To ensure our finished film is fully disability-inclusive we require further funds in order to obtain closed-caption subtitling and audio-description. These will be outsourced by a a specialist professional studio.

  • We have allocated a budget allowance for global film festival entries. We need to raise extra funds to help us with marketing and distribution expertise to ensure our film can get in front of the right people. 

  • We're aiming to raise an extra 5k for the above requirements. 
    It is also important to recognise the skill and experience involved in making a film and if funds are left over or if we achieve beyond our wishlist, it would be great to pay our producers a little bit! Film production is an intensive, focused, lengthy, and occasionally hair-tearing undertaking, and let's face it, they deserve it! 


An inspirational film exploring the realities of healing after Traumatic Brain Injury

One person in the UK has a brain injury every 90 seconds, this is a ridiculously high number which is not common knowledge; an unseen issue occurring in society.

No one even knows just how a brain injured person might look differently to the next person; it’s not something you can necessarily tell from the outside.

Those with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) could be the ones you think are drunk, or not acting in a way you think people should act; angry, ‘too friendly’, outspoken. However, they might have stories that are riveting and utterly unique.

Every story is different. 

Brain Injury might have severe consequences, or maybe less so. We want to make a documentary looking into the different stages people have got to, where they are going, where they hope to be.

The brain is not entirely understood by doctors through brain scans. The potential impact to those with TBI just can’t be judged by such means.

During Covid-19 lockdown in early 2021, a short documentary film 'Ben Again' was made of Ben Clench’s own journey as a TBI survivor; being the genesis for this new documentary.*

We now want to hear what other TBI survivors have been through; how they have got to where they are, and look at how they have negotiated life since the injury. Have they resumed their original trajectory, or have they taken a hairpin turn? Or have they not done so well, and why? 

We'll be talking with several scientific, academic, and medical experts to get their input on what they do know, to give a wider understanding.  And we'll find out what can happen if survivors don't receive the necessary support required for recovery.

Brain Injury has left some people with an invisible disability; a hidden and unknown aspect within society which is more prevalent in the population than anyone realises, without receiving the huge press that other serious conditions get.

We want to touch on the differences in the process of healing in a real and personal way.

*  *  *  *  * 

If you’ve gotten this far, you know that we’re reaching out to you for funding in order that we can make this documentary.

We’ve opted for a skeleton crew for this project, being far easier to coordinate and better for budget! We will all be carrying the heavy stuff!

1663113034_ben_screengrab-1-frame.jpgBen Clench - co-Producer.

Ben suffered a TBI in 2010. The difficulties he faced in acceptance from wider society were a significant problem in his recovery. The TBI also posed severe challenges to his personal development. He has since gone on to write a book about the troubles he faced in resuming life, complete a second Master’s degree, and do a Tedx talk. Ben will also be cooking when necessary because he's quite good at it.


Sini Manner - Producer.

Experienced in production across broad media, Sini produced & presented radio shows in alternative and commercial formats, worked in film and event production, as well as advertising and promotions. She has worked for large music and film companies as well as in corporate environments. A whizz at multitasking, to keep the crew small, she will take on second camera and crew roles, as well as fixing a keen eye on budget and scheduling.


Anton Usikov - Director of Photography.

We have been very lucky to secure a highly skilled and talented Cinematographer in Anton. He has been working commercially in Hong Kong and China for the past eight years, and is now based in the UK.

Kim Harrop, Mark Tierney - Storyline advisors.

Kim and Mark, are on board to ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle are glued together to culminate in the best story.
Kim is an award-winning writer for television in New Zealand.
Mark is a DGA (Director's Guild of America) documentary-maker based in LA.

Mark Banks - Editor.

Mark has an extensive media background, making his first feature in the late 90s. In the mid 2000s, he was signed to the Pure Groove record label in London as a music artist (alongside The Streets, Metronomy and Florence & The Machine among others).

After realising he wasn't destined for rock'n'roll stardom, he produced and edited his second feature, Pictures of Lily, which was distributed internationally in 2018 and won several awards in Europe and the US. He's since directed short films and music videos and worked as an editor for television and documentary shorts and continues with editing documentaries and short film as well as developing his 3rd feature film.

Verity Susman and Matt Simms - Sound/Composers. 

From the bands Electrelane, and Wire respectively, Verity and Matt combine to form Memorials, specialising in avant-garde music and building their film composing portfolio.

*  *  *  *  * 

Funds raised.

We intend to use funds primarily to enable location filming, and all logistics surrounding this, i.e. travel & transport, accommodation, nourishment, equipment hire, etc, and any number of sundries that come with filming, plus a budget allocation for festival entries. 

As with these things, they are usually a labour of love, but it is also our keen intention to offer those involved some payment in recognition of their skills and considerable time input into the realisation of this documentary. And so, if funds should happen to exceed our target, this is what we are looking to do! 

Our target is £9.5k for the above.

Our stretch target is £18.5k.

We anticipate filming to occur over several months and into early 2023, to accommodate the schedules of all involved.

Check out our rewards - we've got a really cool t-shirt for you, designed by the fabulous Patrick Edgeley ( The print is white and we have a range of t-shirt colours available. We kinda like the orange. It is actually Ben's brain, too! 


We're also offering an apron, because let's face it, you want to be stylish and practical in the kitchen, right? The apron is available in black and bottle green, featuring the same cool "Where's Your Head At? #TBI" graphic. 


We really hope you will consider this project worthy of support and will appreciate any amount you would care to give.

*  *  *  *  * 

For reference:

A short film of Ben Clench's personal story, "Ben Again", shot during Covid-19 lockdown; the inspiration for the currently proposed film. This is the trailer. *The film has been accepted into the London Super Shorts Film Festival, set to screen in London early December 2022.

Ben's TedxBrighton talk from 2018:

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