Flight Free UK: inspiring climate-friendly action

by Flight Free UK in Ware, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st July 2021 we successfully raised £21,587 with 239 supporters in 30 days

We have inspired many thousands of people to take a year off flying. With your help we can inspire many thousands more!

by Flight Free UK in Ware, England, United Kingdom

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mirlew 31st July 2021

Excellent campaign. Business as usual is costing the planet, now and for future generations.

paulao 31st July 2021

This is the time to take action to stop flying, before people return to pre-Covid behaviours. Thank you for your work.

Ian Garman 29th July 2021

It is hard to make a positive point out NOT doing something, especially as one lone voice. Flight Free pools my small effort with thousands of others', to amplify the effect. Also helps me prove my commitment at work – if they ask me to fly I can argue from principle, not just "being awkward".

Victoria Briggs 29th July 2021

Getting the message out there about the damage to the environment due to flying needs to be promoted more. I try to lead by example and have not flown in 15 years. Instead I have enjoyed many city/rural breaks in the UK (still so much of the country I have not visited) and city breaks in Amsterdam and Paris. Love the message that the team are putting out and want them to continue with the influencing.

lee jackson 29th July 2021

Keep up the great work FlightFree UK, and turn 5,000 into 500,000 people not putting carbon directly into the upper atmosphere. Why would you do that when are climate is changing all around us.

Lola Perrin 29th July 2021

Fingers crossed for increased action to de-clutter the atmosphere of heating gasses - aviation has to massively ramp down now as an emergency measure, good luck with your projects Flight Free x

nick-cotterell 29th July 2021

We have to get the message across that flying is unsustainable and that rail, coach, and ferry alternatives, along with the Channel Tunnel, should be travellers first choice.

Zoe Petersen 29th July 2021

Good luck in inspiring others to fly less or not at all. With such inadequate government action so far, we need to work on every level we can to address humungous climate and ecological crises. I hope this initiative has a ripple effect.

Jack Dawson 29th July 2021

Thanks guys - very supportive of your movement and proud to be a part of it. we have forsaken all such travel into our 7th year now and don't envisage doing so again. Not missed it a jot. Keep it up you champions! Blessings. Jack & Claire

Sylvia Godfrey 29th July 2021

It would be good if the Uk Government could do what the French Government has done regarding not allowing flights if a train journey is possible. Also train and bus fares need to be cheap to encourage people to use them and lastly we need to scrap HS2!

Dan Castrigano 28th July 2021

This campaign is incredibly important. We must remove the social license to pollute. We have to make flying as uncool as smoking in restaurants. Only a few people do it. But everybody suffers. Thanks for your hard work, Anna!

Michael Jefford 27th July 2021

The pandemic has given the world the nudge it needed to rein in the planetary scourge of budget aviation. Please remember everyone that only birds have the right to fly.

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