Flea - Short Film

by Star Johnson in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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A coming of age story about the interplay of past and present and the complicated similarities between mothers and daughters.

by Star Johnson in London, Greater London, United Kingdom




Flea is a 15 minute short film that will explore the themes of coming to terms with change, the bittersweetness of nostalgia and getting to know your parents' past. 

Flea has been in the works for a long time and will be our last project graduating from film school. The film unites the skills we collectively learnt over the past three years and gives us the opportunity to showcase our passion. 


Flea is a coming-of-age story that centres around Jules, a young woman who is packing up her room to go off to university. Whilst packing away her things, she finds an old DV Camera with old videos of her mother, Martha, when she was around her age. Jules is confronted with a side to her mother she never pictured: a young woman smiling, partying, being a carefree spirit. 

Through those videos Jules finds out that her and her mum have more in common than she originally thought and discovering the dreams her mother had to sacrifice, she comes to terms with her own fears about the future. 


We are a female and non-binary led production of passionate filmmakers that all share a common goal: Create raw and relatable messages through a young girl’s eyes. We aim for our film to connect to all young adults who were scared to leave home and all parents who grew up alongside their children. The story encourages us to embrace our sentimental side while staying excited for what’s to come.

Telling a female-led story with a primarily female/non-binary crew is something that rarely happens and will add a sense of authenticity and relatability.

We are aiming to submit the film to festivals to reach as many people as possible and make this story heard.


Flea is a mixed-media film, switching between a modern camera and Mini DV footage to convey the interaction of past and present.

Flea should feel like summer: late-night conversations on plastic chairs, the smell of BBQ in the air, chirping of crickets. Time feels stretched but momentary at the same time and everything smells of memories.

It’s the feeling you get when you’re about to fall asleep in the backseat of the car while other people are quietly chatting around you, the feeling when you walk home after a long night out and the sun is about to rise, the feeling when you come back from a long day by the beach and you’re slightly sunburnt but happy.




Hannah - Writer & Director


Hi, I’m Hannah, the writer and director of this project, and I’m in my third and final year of studying filmmaking in London. Flea is a big passion project of mine, and the story has been in the making for a really long time. It all started with me finding old childhood home videos of me and my family. Watching all of us grow up, I realised that moving images of moments that have passed hold an incredible power and by watching them we create a dialogue between past and present. This inherent nostalgia of the medium is something I found intriguing. I think there’s a power and a risk to nostalgia and as a very nostalgic person myself I find it an extremely interesting and quite visual emotion to capture.

I have previously directed a feature-length documentary about the disappearing queer club scene, have worked on multiple shorts and music videos, a mini-series episode and have just wrapped directing my first feature film at university.

Getting to shoot my graduation film with such an amazing crew is a privilege. We’ve previously worked together on multiple projects and I know every single person will give their all to make Flea come to life.

Star - Producer


Hi, I’m Star, the Producer of Flea. I am currently studying at MetFilm School London and will be graduating this year. Upon hearing about Flea from Hannah, the themes and message behind the story stood out to me as a meaningful and exciting project. It sounded like a beautiful story of seeing your parents differently after being shown a side of them you could never picture. The idea of never fully knowing who your parents were in their youth and never understanding everything they sacrificed for you is a story I believe people will find interesting and enjoyable to watch.

I have previously written a feature film with similar themes of mother/daughter strained relationships and the rebuilding of relationships through shared emotions. Which is why this project stood out to me. It is a different genre than I normally go towards, having a more fantasy background, however, the message and themes are so powerful it was a project I was passionate to create. I have also produced short films that all centralise around female-led protagonists and their journeys of new beginnings.

The crew has previously worked together on a feature-length film meaning we already have established trust and love for each other. Everyone is extremely talented and creative, and we are all so excited for you all to see our passion project come to life!

Reece - Cinematographer


My name is Reece, I am based in London and finishing my last year of film school. 

I have gained experience in the last few years working on shorts, documentaries, TV series and features. Most of which I’ve done in film school. Although I usually assume roles within the camera and lighting department, and obsessively so, I also have a soft spot for screenwriting and editing which definitely aids me as a cinematographer. Aside from film, I’m an art lover in every respect, music being one that definitely drives me as a storyteller. 

I'm all about chasing that magic in motion. Like capturing music with a camera – each shot has its own rhythm and beat. My only goal as a cinematographer is to that feeling of connection. Where the soul, the creative, and the physical meet. It's not just about getting the shot; it's about capturing the heartbeat of a scene.

Flea will be my first shot at making magic by pouring every bit of my heart and soul into the camera and lights. I would want nothing less. Especially if that means making sure to best capture all the talent and all the love that will be put into this film by my fellow hardworking and BEAUTIFUL crew members.

Lucy - Production Designer


Hello I’m Lucy, the production designer on Flea! I’m in my third year at Metfilm School, and have gained a variety of experience within and outside of the course.

In my time at school, I was most passionate about fine art and theatre. This has transferred and grown into a love for production design and an eye for detail. I have worked in the art department on numerous shorts, from drama to fantasy, and learnt all sorts of tricks of the trade. Most recently, I was production designer on a feature-length film at Met that was shot over two weeks, set in two different versions of the same house.

I also have experience working as an editor on documentaries, and short-form fiction within the course and have worked in production companies based in New York and London outside of the course. I’ve worked on two NASA mini-series as well as edited a documentary teaser with Colin McFarlane on the still prevalent problems the Windrush generation are having.

I’m super excited to work with this team on this project! We have all worked together before so I know we will have fun on the journey and Flea feels reminiscent of my own experience before going to university. I’ve always been someone who loves to get dirty in my family’s old archives and bits and bobs. I’ve found old tapes and cameras, dusty faded picture albums, journals, school work and so many more treasures. This is the ideal project for me to channel my inner nostalgic fanatic and give some pieces from decades past a new life!


Margherita Barbieri as Jules


Margherita Barbieri, a dynamic actor, living in London, draws her inspiration from the power of movement and visual storytelling. With a spirited drive and unwavering dedication, she has graced the screen in a Hulu production, igniting her path as an emerging force within the industry. Watch as Margherita continues to captivate audiences, her talent poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.


Our goal is to raise £8000. 

These funds will go towards:

- Accommodations for crew to film in Brighton as we are London based.

-Production design and portraying childhood memories through props to capture Jules' world. 

-Locations and permits to film in Brighton to creative a beautiful story on the beach. 

-Catering for crew and cast to keep everyone energised and happy to create an impactful story for your screens.  

If you are unable to donate, no worries! You can help us by telling your family and friends about the project so we can spread the message further, we recommend giving your mum a hug whilst you're at it.



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