by Rebecca Simmons in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

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On 13th March 2021 we successfully raised £10,470 ( + est. £502.00 Gift Aid ) with 78 supporters in 28 days

Spark Community is fundraising for our first HOME in Portsmouth, a space where people who feel isolated can learn to Spark back into Life

by Rebecca Simmons in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Spark Community Space is a Portsmouth based charity, working to reach those who feel they have been left out or left behind, giving people a place to belong, to be part of a community of support, to heal together and to spark back into life

We want to welcome anyone who feels pushed aside or overlooked by society, perhaps because of an  illness, or redundancy; not having qualifications, disability. or  whatever the reason Spark will offer a warm welcome and friendship; a place for healing and rebuilding; somewhere for people to rediscover their value and self worth and to spark themselves back into life.

We plan to open a community space   where people can come and grow together, and a space to have a cuppa & cake, a place to gain skills through volunteering, accessing training in a supportive atmosphere and progressing towards regaining a sense of belonging in society.  Come and join us to make this happen.



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During our pilot scheme one of our volunteers said this about being involved ....

"I don’t mind telling you this... ‘I had a breakdown, this was related to childhood trauma’. As a result I lost my confidence, isolated myself and couldn’t see a way to continue with my life as nothing made any sense. I knew that I wanted to start making steps towards something that resembled the life that I had before my breakdown, family - work - life balance, enjoying myself again.                                                      

I was really unsure whether to at first, but after a little encouragement and bravery on my part, I became a volunteer and soon found my feet. It felt really nice to talk to people and be talked to.

Volunteering has given me a sense of purpose and worth, something that I’d forgotten I possessed.I have met some great people and have been made to feel very valued. Being able to give my time and my skills, no matter how small has been very helpful towards my realising that ‘I CAN’. Yes, it took me a little time to engage, but when I did I totally enjoyed myself.                                                             

Even on the days where I felt that I had nothing to give and I really needed to encourage myself to go and volunteer, I soon learned that my feelings of low mood and self esteem would very quickly turn into positives and so it was very worthwhile for me to be there.                                                                             

My time costs nothing but the confidence that volunteering has given back to my life is worth more than any amount of money. I am totally grateful for being given the opportunity to help others, whilst all the time, perhaps secretly to many, I was being helped myself…  "


This last 12 months coronavirus has had  a devastating affect  ,on peoples mental health ,on their self worth ,many have lost jobs ,many feel isolated and alone . Charities in the coming months will need to be more equipped and prepared than ever before and we at Spark want to be able to do more than our best for the community in which we live 

You are all welcome to come and see  how your donation has made a difference by visiting our space when we reach our target  and see your great work in action 

With many thanks to Portsmouth news who did an article on the reasons behind how the charity started  ...check out the link below

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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5 x Spark Community Space Stickers

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Cuppa & Piece of Cake

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A Spark Tee Shirt & Cuppa & Piece of Cake

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Wall of Thanks @ Spark Community Space

Company or Family name engraved on our Wall of thanks in our Community Space which will be hung on the wall for customers to see!

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