The 7th Man Development & Children's Charity Fund

by Michael Wisniewski in Newport, , United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We have made a movie and with your help we need to develope it so we can get distribution and give a large donation to a children's charity.

by Michael Wisniewski in Newport, , United Kingdom

We are a group of filmmakers and actors who decided to make a film so we could get a top distributor who could sell it worldwide so we can give a donation to a children's charity. 


Why this charity, well we decided to help children with cancer as it's such a sad and out of their hands disease that we want to help give what we can with your help and the help from our cast and crew who are giving their time for free.



A petty crook can't believe his eyes when he recognises a face from the past. Has he just seen a ghost or is this the legendary 7th man who stole part of the gold bullion in a heist some 40 years earlier.

Find out more about the movie see photos and clips.

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THE 7TH MAN is about one of the gang that stole millions in gold bullion, who suddenly vanished along with much of the gold. The police thought they were after six, of which only three were in fact arrested. Some 40 years later a gangland kingpin and a gold hunting assassin hear of his return, is this the gangster who knows where the gold is hidden. Based on the screenplay 'Interview with Mr George' which become the short film 'Gangland Gold' by Kevin Powis.

Kevin Powis is the writer of our award winning film GANGLAND GOLD has now written the script for THE 7TH MAN Kevin also wrote and directed Norman Wisdoms last film Expresso.

Michael Wisniewski the producer of the award winning short GANGLAND GOLD will also be producing and directing The 7th Man. We are proud to have on board a great production team who will be undertaking this worthwhile challenge.

Check out the cast, some you might even recognise from film and TV.

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Intro Narrated by Larry Lamb

Michael Austin - Jim Goodwin

Aneirin Hughes - Clive Fox

Short Summary

We were given a short script to film called GANGLAND GOLD which has now become award winning.


Find out more about Gangland Gold.

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This campaign is for funds so we can make the feature film The 7th Man.

With your help as contributors you will be helping us achieve a good crime thrilling movie.

The funding we'll get will be used to pay towards a great team and expenses. Plus enable us give a percentage to charities.

The Impact

The film although fiction may have an element of true, as some of the gold is yet to be found. What gold was melted down and sold created an impact on the world today, most jewellery and gold items on the market today could have traces of this actual gold in it.

With the successful track record of the short this feature will be one to look out for, GANGLAND GOLD surprised us by winning awards in the UK and Europe, its now doing the festival run in the USA.

Risks and challenges

Worked on a number of films over the years and as in most things there are risks mainly on timing and until it's finished no one can say how it will look once it's complete as it could take time to make. If you can't contribute, that doesn't mean you can't help: 'Hey guys get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.'

Charity that we're Supporting

We will be giving a percentage of the films sale profit to charity which will help the lives of children with cancer.

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