Legal fees to fight a difficult freeholder

by Jane Smillie in Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom

Legal fees to fight a difficult freeholder

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I need some help with legal fees to enable me to take my bullying freeholder to court

by Jane Smillie in Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom


I bought a flat in 2019. I had want to buy for a while, and ended up purchasing a flat for me and my future son (now 3). The month after I moved in I was told I needed to pay a considerable sum of money to repair the cladding. I wasn't told about this at the point of purchase which I should have been, as its been going on since 2014. They have acknowledged that the reason that the cladding needs replacing is because they made a mistake on the design of the cladding that they replaced 4 years earlier - but that we now need to pay for that.  The then erected scaffolding around half the building, so I have had no light coming into the back of my flat for nearly 18 months.  There are dead pigeons outside my window. 

The costs started around £20,000 - and each year have gone up, with them at one point asking for £30,000+. The works have not yet been undertaken. They stop/start, don't communicate - but when they do, its aggressive and belittling.

My son has also been in and out of hospital - likely due to the damp exacerbating an ongoing chest issue.  

About Me and Why Fight?

I'm a single mum. This has been hanging over me for 5 years, and I am just fed up of them bullying and not accepting responsibility. I would therefore like to take them to court to fight this. Whilst it would probably be easier to pay the money in the long run, I don't feel it is fair that these charlatan freeholders can get away with this sort of thing, with no repercussions. Just because people don't have the money to take the risk on not succeeding. I would therefore like to fight them in court. And for my son. But need some help with this.

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