Feed disabled children impacted by Covid

by Health Help International in Newport, Newport, United Kingdom

Feed disabled children impacted by Covid


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To feed families with disabled children devastated by Covid-19

by Edmund Peter Plummer in Newport, Newport, United Kingdom

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Covid continues to devastate many communities in the developing world, many of which are at the back of the queue for vaccines or don’t have the infrastructure to administer them in the numbers needed.  Many people are dying as a result – the official figures are far lower than the actual numbers.  If the bread-winner dies or is disabled, the whole family is thrown into destitution.


This has been the case in the area of Zambia where we work (the area around Monze, a town on the main road about half-way between Lusaka and Livingstone).  People are desperate.


And if the family has a disabled child, then the disabled child will suffer the most.  If food is in short supply, it makes sense to give it to the able-bodied children who will be able to provide for their families in the future – or even in the present.


We have agreed to help feed one hundred families with disabled children.  For each of these we provide a large sack of mealie meal (ground corn), which they will make into Nshima, a bag of beans and hand sanitiser each month.   We have people on the ground who buy and distribute them.  To feed each of these families for a month costs just £18.  We need to do this for at least three months.  For a small charity like ours, this is a lot of money.


Can you help us?  We have been working in the area for 20 years, and we have an excellent reputation locally – we have even featured on Zambian national TV.  We have extremely low overheads, and every penny that you give us will be sent out to Zambia to support this life-saving work.

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