Football Cards 4 Africa (FC4A)

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Football Cards 4 Africa (FC4A)

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We aim to spread happiness and social awareness about poverty short-term, before aiding infrastructure development across Africa long-term

by FC4A in United Kingdom

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We will expand to more communities and locations, to spread more happiness and awareness, as well as gather more content to share across our platforms.

As a British citizen, I have had the opportunity to receive a first-rate education, food on the table, a roof over my head and clothes on my back for my whole life, and I have reflected on this to a great extent over the last couple of years.

It’s easy to take for granted what we have and the opportunities we have access to, when so many others in the world may not have access to even a fraction of what we do in the U.K. and other continents. The Word Bank predicts that, by 2030, 90% of the world’s poorest will live in the Africa, as 69% of homes without access to electricity are currently based on the continent.

As a child, I, like I’m sure many other people, collected tradable football cards, which I could swap with my friends, play games with, and generally experience happiness when finding my favourite players in a shiny form. These products are readily available in the U.K. yet, from research, have next to no African presence.

FC4A wants to take this experience and give it to children and communities in Africa, so they can feel what we felt as children, creating something to play with and cheer about. We want to use donations and investment to sponsor these packages, and we also plan on investing our own funds in to this venture. We only need to pay for product & postage, so we can be very efficient with resources!

We want to capture these moments, sharing stories of African communities in the hope we can raise poverty awareness and spread happiness & positivity, with the aim of using our platform and resources to contribute towards the development of basic infrastructure throughout sub-Saharan Africa, so that more children, families and communities, can have the chance to experience education and economic-growth, for the sustainability of both Africa and planet Earth as a whole.

Corona-virus has created an environment in which many people will have been forced to experience loneliness, isolation and uncertainty. This is our opportunity to create an initiative that underlines social and community benefits, where we can spread happiness not only amongst those who are less fortunate in LEDC’s, but also through social media channels to people around the world who may feel a sense of uplifting and positivity from their own contributions and the impacts our work could have throughout African communities.

We are imagining a world where more people and organisations are given the opportunity to learn, grow and develop, which we feel can only be done with the establishment of electricity and internet connections as basic infrastructure.

Any and all contributions are greatly received and fully acknowledged, we can’t wait to get started and take you all on this journey! ♥️⚽️

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