Fall of the Head - Short Film

by Lauren Cissé in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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We are aiming to raise enough funds to begin pre-production this March in order to begin shooting May 2024!

by Lauren Cissé in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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"I want to create a world that feels like mythology, almost as if the story has a fairy-tale-like nature to it, it's dark and cautionary, in an era that seems like all hope is slipping away."

                         - Jack Wilson, Writer & Director.

It is a dangerous time in Europe. Peace in the continent teeters on a knife edge, with Hitler’s Nazi Germany continuing to violate the Treaty of Versailles.

In 1937 Britain, Adam, a rogue criminal is on a power trip. His rage is spinning out of control. Knowing that he is likely to cause irreparable damage to their family, his sister Rose hopes to take control of the business whilst keeping her romance with a woman a secret.  An old friend attempts to get through to Adam as a dangerous adversary arrives from the USA and offers Adam a dangerous ultimatum. 

With a large-scale war on the horizon, Adam must first prepare to deal with a battle that has just sat down in front of him.


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"I believe that short films are a vital part of the film industry, providing a platform for emerging talent and allowing for innovative and experimental storytelling, but I am also aware that to implement change you need to have a diverse range of producers telling different stories. We want to showcase real British life for the working class and minorities living in through this period of turmoil. Adam is a character who has grown up working class and hasn’t found himself or his community any better off despite the work they’ve put in, resulting in Adam turning to a life of crime in 1937. Rose’s storyline is also incredibly important to us and the story! Lesbians have often been left out of history books and their struggles overlooked and championed less in film and media because of the intersectionality of being both a woman and queer. The character of Rose is strong willed and calculated - the other half to her brother Adam, who is impulsive and resentful at times. Jack and I are very excited to watch these characters evolve over three separate instalments of this film."
                                 - Lauren L Cissé, Producer.

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               JACK WILSON 


1709209631_lauren.png              LAUREN L CISSÉ                         


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“Film editing is an exhilarating and enjoyable process that transforms raw footage into a compelling cinematic experience. It offers a unique blend of creativity and technical skill, allowing editors to weave together scenes, manipulate time, and enhance storytelling. Film editing is the art of shaping narratives, capturing emotions, and creating a visual symphony that resonates with audiences, and that is why I am so passionate about it. This project really excites me as it is an ambitious film, creating a period drama on a limited budget will test all of the crew involved and from the editing perspective, this challenge excites me. These are the type of films I want to work on in my career as they're the type of films that made me interested in film in the first place. Walter Murch's rule of 6 is a very important influence on my work and is often something I find myself referencing whilst cutting together a film. I plan to continue working on films of this ambition and scope, and to increase the quality of each film I'm a part of.” - Christian Garnes.

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