Faithworks Wessex

RCN 1108714, Bournemouth

Our charitable objects are given life through a number of projects, including: homelessness outreach, befriending of carers, supported placements for adults with learning disabilities, food banks, personal budget coaching, and support to reduce social isolation in older people.

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Faithworks Wessex (FW) is a local charity that runs practical, local projects in urban Dorset that equip people struggling with poverty, social isolation and addiction.  Faithworks exists to personally help people both during and after their crisis.

1628702167_1628702165876.pngWe will work with churches and partners to give integrated support to help individuals move from crisis (red), re-connect to support (amber), regain purpose (green)… and therefore never go back to crisis.

We focus our work on those at key transition points of life: rough-sleepers, lone parents, school-leavers, those in material crisis (food) and debt or financial confusion, and individuals struggling with addiction of any kind. We embrace and help all regardless of ethnicity, gender, faith, economic status, or sexual orientation. 

Our Impact and Track Record:

We have become known for our Food, Finance, Homelessness, People and Recovery projects. The pandemic resulted in a significant increase in demand for our services and we are still tallying our impact.  Our income has continued to grow year over year as the success of our work and our raised profile attracts support and partnerships. Our organisation continues to expand and we have a positive respected reputation in our area for the work we do. It is estimated that in 2020, we helped over 18,000 people across the 5 areas with support from our 420+ volunteers:  

FW Homelessness: Food and toiletries parcels to those in emergency accommodation (over 1500 since last March) using church venues and 15 volunteers and an ex-Sleepsafe guest now employed as logistics and van delivery lead;  55 regular users took advantage of our laundry services at Half-time; 11 trainees on carpentry and gardening work that has led to 2 into employment

FW Food+: nearly 17,000 “mouths” benefitted from food parcels in 2020 from our 4 foodbanks, over 2000 hot meals were delivered, more than 700 recipe bags were packaged, and 100 received cooking equipment 

FW People: over 90 families are supported through our lone parent’s project (50% increase); over 800 “cookbags” (ingredients+recipe+video) to 60 families; over 150 engaging with a closed community Facebook group

FW Recovery: 250+ people registered for our Recovery Course online, 90 team members and 9 churches involved, over 685 individuals joined our online recovery group, and 49 individuals received regular phone and buddy support.

FW Money: In CMA (Community Money Advice) we had 61 new cases, and now have 89 ongoing cases and we are handling £843,000 of debt; total reduction of debt in the amount of £77,625; we are re-designing our financial well-being sessions to help post-pandemic in schools, college, ex-homeless, etc.

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