RCN 1161809, Coventry

Our mission is to alleviate poverty and financial hardship through tailored lending solutions for lower income households.


17.5m people in the UK are in ‘financially vulnerable circumstances’.

Over 20 million adults are currently under-served by high street lenders.

Why Support Us?

Being excluded from mainstream credit can leave people powerless to respond to cost-of-living challenges and other financial struggles. 

We are driven by a belief that society has a responsibility to lend better.

With your help we can improve the equity of the lending landscape; advocate for a new and better option that stops people being forced to go without essential items or wondering whether to take out an expensive loan.

About Us

We are a UK and Scottish registered charity that owns fair and responsible lender, Fair For You.

Visit our website to find out more www.faircreditcharity.org.uk