Keep the UK in the Erasmus Plus programme!

by Trevor Keough in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th December 2016 we successfully raised £1,925 with 44 supporters in 35 days

A national campaign for the UK's continued participation in the Erasmus Plus programme, led by young people.

by Trevor Keough in London, England, United Kingdom


Erasmus Plus is a European funding programme which enables young people - especially those who can't otherwise afford it - to travel to other countries and get life-changing educational experiences. After Brexit there is a serious risk of losing this, with nothing to replace it. But the UK can easily stay in Erasmus Plus even when it is out of the EU, and that’s what we are campaigning for.

The funds we raise will help us build a movement of young people across the UK, with a voice loud enough to be heard in Westminster and Brussels.

With your help, we can #keeperasmusplus. First DONATE (or choose one of the rewards on the right of this page). Then SHARE on social media, to encourage other people to follow your example. Thank you!


Everyone deserves the opportunity to spend time in another country as part of their education. It is in our national interest that young people should see and understand the wider world, so they become future leaders, citizens, employees and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the prosperity, security and reputation of the UK.

The EU Erasmus Plus programme funds all sorts of educational activities: not just studying at university abroad, but also vocational training, volunteering, cultural projects, school links, youth exchanges and more. Young people from every kind of background get lifelong benefits from these opportunities. Erasmus Plus has a strong social purpose to encourage equal opportunity, diversity, social mobility, employment and growth.

For most young people, all this would be impossible without the financial support of Erasmus Plus. But this is now under threat after Brexit – and there’s nothing to replace it.


Other countries buy in to Erasmus Plus without being EU members, so the UK can too. That’s our message.

First of all, we need to make sure that the government and the public understand why international experience matters for our future education and employment. Then we’ve got to persuade them that it’s easier, better and more cost-effective to stay in Erasmus Plus than to create something else from scratch. International projects need international relationships, and in Erasmus Plus these are already up and running.

We are going to build a national movement of young people to get this message across – theirs is the voice that counts. We will link up with any other organisation or campaign group that shares our objectives.

Our campaign is:

  • Urgent – we need to act now.
  • Positive – turning young people’s energy into action with a constructive purpose.
  • Relevant – it has never been more important to build people to people relations in Europe, and young people are central to this process.
  • Forward-looking – respecting the Referendum result but giving young people a voice in what happens next.
  • Unifying – bringing together everyone who believes in the value of intercultural learning, no matter whether they voted “leave” or “remain”.
  • Empowering – creating opportunities for young people to develop leadership, organisation and communication skills and to become active citizens.
  • Youth led – growing a well-organised, structured network across the UK and training young people to take real responsibility at all levels.
  • Inclusive – open to partnerships of all kinds.


EuroPeers UK – a network of young people, launched in March 2016 and open to anyone aged 16-25. Most of us have studied, volunteered or taken part in youth projects in Europe. We are already building links with similar networks in several other countries.

Please follow us @EuropeersUK and visit to find out more.


We want to:

  1. Campaign for the UK to remain a full partner in Erasmus Plus and any future programmes, whatever the eventual wider relationship between the UK and the EU.
  2. Promote the educational benefits of these international programmes for UK young people.


We will grow an effective and sustainable youth network covering the whole UK - a campaigning movement lobbying politicians and decision makers, informing young people and the general public, and working closely with other relevant groups. We need effective administration, financial and evaluation processes, with full and active participation of young people, who will also gain valuable skills.

Our targets are:

  • 12 regions, 144 groups, 1,500 active members
  • 36 partner organisations
  • 100,000 people reached directly through local activities
  • 1,000,000 people reached indirectly (e.g. social media)

The money we raise will fund:

  • Travel and venue costs for a campaign launch meeting of 100 young people from all over the UK
  • A coordinating and training team, including paid internships for young people to work on the campaign
  • Leadership and communication skills training for members in each region, and for our regional and national coordinators (all young people).
  • Resources for regional and local groups to run activities (school presentations, university workshops, public discussions, direct lobbying etc.)
  • Training and equipment for a youth film and media team.
  • New website; communication and data management tools
  • Travel, communication and general office costs.
  • An office for our national team

We will continue to look for support and sponsorship for our campaign. We need and welcome:

  • Advisers and advocates who believe in our cause


International education and learning will always be the best way to broaden young people’s horizons, improve employment chances and promote equal opportunity, tolerance and sustainability at home and abroad. 

With your help, we have an extraordinary opportunity to promote and protect these benefits for future generations of young people in the UK.

Please donate to our campaign, or contact us if there is any other way you can help.

#keeperasmusplus for the good of all young people.


We are supported by Momentum World CIC, a social enterprise with huge experience of international youth, education and cultural projects. They help us make sure the money you give is properly managed and accounted for.

Everyone who supports us will receive regular news about our progress.


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