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To make it easier for disabled people to find and share information on venues’ disabled access and Covid measures in one place.

by Euan's Guide in United Kingdom

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On the 23rd September 2020 we'd raised £105 with 7 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Making it easy for disabled people to find the information they need to visit with confidence

Euan’s Guide is the disabled access charity improving access for disabled people. 

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We all know the power of reviews and how useful recommendations are for saving time researching or for finding out those important snippets of information that help to decide where to visit. Disabled people often speak about how being able to find accurate information can be time consuming and frustrating. With Covid-19 it has become harder still as places have changed how they operate, moved layouts around and often made accessible places more difficult to navigate. 

That’s where Euan’s Guide comes in, we already have a well-established review website – - where disabled people can visit to read reviews and write their own. Sharing is empowering, as just knowing that someone with similar access requirements enjoyed their visit can make all the difference. It removes the fear of the unknown. Now more than ever we need your support to help get more people reviewing and telling us all about the changes venues have put in place so that other disabled people can visit shops, restaurants, hotels, train stations and more with ease.

Image of: A 'Covid Confident' review on Euan's Guide where the reviewer has provided details the venue's accessibility and the Covid measures that have been put in place.

Image of a Covid Confident Review on Euan's Guide

We’re adapting our disabled access reviews website to become the place where disabled people can go to find disabled access and Covid safety measures in one place. With our review website, people will be able to quickly find and share experiences with ease. 

Your support means that we can reach more of the 13.9 million disabled people in the UK who could benefit from using our review website.

Comments we’ve received:

“Disabled access, whilst having improved a lot over the past 30 years (my period of direct experience), is still a long way from ideal. The biggest problem is the lack of information available, which is why websites such as Euan's Guide are indispensable.”

“Spontaneity is something almost totally denied to disabled people, and any outing becomes like a battle plan, needing advanced research and planning before you can even attempt to go anywhere. Accessibility information is frequently either totally absent, or a brief sentence added as an afterthought which tells you very little.”

“I really can't remember the first time I came into contact with Euan's Guide, but I think it was the first time I realised people actually cared about access. Euan has created an access directory where people leave access reviews about places they've visited. On the surface it's a bit like TripAdvisor for disabled people, but when you dig a bit deeper it's so much more. In reality, it's a selection of first-hand experiences from people who understand the practical difficulties we face whether travelling or going to the local shops.”

“Before I can make an informed choice regarding whether somewhere is safe to visit, I have to know what precautions and/or restrictions are in place. Access (including accessible parking) and Covid-19 precautions are essential.”

“If it wasn’t for Euan’s Guide I’d be terrified to try new places.”

Providing Online Events

Knowing how great online events have been to connect people and breakdown isolation, we want to expand our limited service to offer more virtual events. We want to connect disabled people across the UK and get them sharing the places they love to visit and why.

Your financial support will help ensure we can put on a programme of events and make these virtual events accessible for our users regardless of where they live. Working together, we will be able to once again start discovering fresh places to go. We will reduce the fear of the unknown and give people the confidence to explore and share their discoveries as they venture out in the ‘new normal’.

48% of people who took part in our Covid Survey indicated that they would like the opportunity to continue to take part in virtual social events. Online events have given people the opportunity to participate in activities without many of the usual physical and financial barriers.

Image of: A Euan's Guide social event taking place remotely using Zoom.

Lots of people pictured on a Zoom call. Many of them are wearing party hats.

Comment from our Covid Concerns and Precautions Survey:

“Really hope more things are online. While the rest of the world has locked down my world has opened up through things being available virtually. I dread seeing everything shrink again. It has been nice to feel like a person and member of society for a few months. I hope we’re not forgotten now.”


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