East Sussex Youth Orchestra Reunion Concert

by Niki Nicola in Hellingly, England, United Kingdom

East Sussex Youth Orchestra Reunion Concert
We did it
On 28th October 2019 we successfully raised £2,167 with 60 supporters in 19 days

To cover costs of East Sussex Youth Orchestra reunion concert with our beloved conductor, Colin Metters, at Fairfield Halls on 20th October

by Niki Nicola in Hellingly, England, United Kingdom

Support for young musicians

We are all ex-ESYO-players, who were incredibly lucky (and are very grateful) for the support we received throughout our childhoods to learn our instruments and then play them in a range of ensembles. The East Sussex Youth Orchestra was the group that we all wanted to play with most of all!

40 years of ESYO - a reunion

Colin is now retiring from conducting ESYO, and has organised a reunion concert to celebrate this. 


40 years of ESYO (and Colin)

Colin *was* ESYO. He gave so much of his energy and love to the group, despite being incredibly busy and in-demand elsewhere. This meant we all had the opportunity to play under his incredibly exacting and nurturing eye. We learned so much, and we all left with a profound love of music, and with an in-depth knowledge of the pieces we had dissected in detail for the concerts we played in. It was such an amazing opportunity for us to play in such a high level orchestra before we'd even left school (or university).

Players spanning 4 decades

Players in this reunion concert span 4 decades, and are doing all sorts of things now. Some of us are professional musicians, but some of us definitely aren't! All of us are so looking forward to playing together again.

Show your support 

Please help us to make this happen! At the moment, the weight of the funding has fallen squarely on the Matters' shoulders. We don't think this is right, and want to help spread the burden. This page wasn't instigated by the Metters; in fact Sue Metters was reluctant to ask anybody to contribute anything. However, all money raised will be used to help cover costs to hire rehearsal spaces and the final concert hall hire.

Give back, pay it forward...

If you're playing in the concert, please consider donating here. If you'd dearly love to play, but can't, then please consider donating anyway. If you loved ESYO or played in it (or even if you didn't) and would like to support us, please donate!

We have all received so much support, funding, love, nurturing and goodwill over the years. It would be lovely to give something back.

East Sussex Music

As Sarah Metters says: East Sussex Youth Orchestra is in its 40th year with Colin & Susan Metters having been involved from the very beginning. It has been an amazing 40 years and has started the love of music for many young people as well as being a launch pad for many into a musical career. Memories of incredible tours and concerts, and great friendships made, are held dear by anyone who has been lucky enough to play in this orchestra... This also comes at a point where the financial backing for music in the county hangs in the balance and it is vitally important that we show support for organisations such as ESYO; they must be valued and fought for in the climate of so many cuts to the Arts.

Please do consider donating the price of a pint or two... or ten... and saying thank you to all the people that helped the many hundreds of East Sussex young musicians over the years. 

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