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we aim to bring back the good old gore to horror a unique take on the horror genre

by bazza cash in Southampton, United Kingdom

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when the hatchet family moves into Bagley Manor. Maddy hatchet stumbles upon the legend of ernaline who died 100 years ago. When ernaline is released from her eternal prison Noone in deadwood Valley is safe from her lust for vengeance and her taste for human flesh

ERNALINE Isn't a horror you're used to we've taken horror and turn it on its head bringing back the Gruesome and the gore.


My na1644362046_140004444_219170576611325_2411052422964588202_n.jpegme is Bazza J Cash and in 2005 I started my own film company Youth Film based in Southampton England.  over the years. We have produced sevral short films and 5 feature films we  now go by Cash Star films we have worked with a bunch of talented filmmakers and actors working on short films and we have now partnered up with Floppy Dog Films and Hard road films to produce Ernaline along with other pipeline projects  We Now, after surviving the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, are ready to make the horror film we've always wanted to make!


1644362387_1631817927_212613866_333666338495081_6863142036776667836_n.jpegWe have all the right ingredients to make a horror classic! Starting with our Make up artist as you can see from the above photo that was done by our super talented makeup artist Steph Berntsen so you can see she would have no problem giving our horror the horror makeover it needs with the makeup  Then we have amazing VFX by Chris Henson and will be filmed by John Peters which already puts our film at an advantage, due to the realistic gore their ability to create! We also have an experienced cast and crew who have already been in the deepest trenches of the indie film world! They’re all qualified and committed to making the best film possible and the coolest part is we’re all horror fans making a horror film! Trust us, we know what we’re doing!


1644362609_1631818105_28f870a6a609b1b57510a852cf42c1af258dd20e.jpegSo take satisfaction in knowing without “YOU” this film would not exist!  *IF WE MAKE MORE MONEY THAN WE ASKED FOR THEN IT WILL GO TO SOME MORE ELABORATE SCENES WE HAVE WAITING DECK! For example, We have a pyro tech on stand-by for a scene we have written where the manor explodes with the extra that's donated will go towards that massive scene.


 Amber Doig-Thorne

1644362672_1631818168_91062147_10156595616236673_3859145466847428608_n.pngAmber has played lead roles in several feature films, including; The Seven, Run From Hell, CUT, In Search of Fear, and Intervention. She recently wrapped on 3 Horror Features filming over the last 2 months and is in pre-production for 2 more features filming in late 2021. Amber is also a Presenter, Celebrity Interviewer, and Comedian - and was recently commissioned for BBC Three’s “Laugh Lessons”, available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

Lamisah La-Shontae

1644362782_1631819329_203263483_279970250317945_5780079002995683918_n.pngLamissah is 14 Years Old from the North of England, with 7 Years of experience in the Entertainment industry in both Modelling and Acting and a speciality within the genre of Horror and Thriller! You will always see a little link to something a little spooky at heart for Lamissah and her works for as long as can remember. With a diverse portfolio she continues to enjoy her journey through both being on set in studio and in character..

 Jason Newbold
Actor/AD 1

1644363178_1631819489_36418865_10160641645010596_4368873658710491136_n.jpegJason is an actor best known for his roles in Codey and TAWN-19.Jason loves to get his hands dirty when it comes to playing a character he takes on the character at a whole new level. he's committed and will do almost anything if it means making his character better.

Bazza CashWriter/Director and Actor

1644363339_1631819052_27747459_1198816286919628_7558465515354590608_o.jpegBazza is a writer, director, and actor he quickly found his escape through the arts at the age of six . he shows passion and dedication when it comes to writing a screenplay or taking on a role, Bazza is best known for playing the role of Acer in Blank Canvas, and his role as Barry in the Dark rainbow trilogy. from 2005 Bazza showed a passion for the tv series he had written and throughout the years he had a few barriers in his way of completing the series now known as the cursed soul you can find the 15-minute teaser pilot on youtube premiered in 2019. in between working on his series, he made a few shorts one of which won an award for. Best short film. He has also written in a total of 8 screenplays

Charlene Aldridge Actress

1644363568_1631819395_211821959_10158317069661732_1079989207649936749_n.pngCharlene is an actress best known for her roles in Tribal get out alive, Losing faith, and The Reluctant landlord.Charlene is Committed and has a real passion and love for acting and being creative Charlene is a triple threat She can act,Write and Direct

 Kayleigh Rawlinson
Producer/Director and Actress

1644363816_1631819458_131101763_2697510037245239_4474573065426560582_n.jpegKayleigh is an actress best known for her roles in a midsummer night scheme, and the cursed soul series as Avon derockal. Kayleigh is also one of the directors for cash star films alongside Bazza cash.


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