Help me Volunteer at Sea as a Compassionate Pirate

by Erica Kirk in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Help me Volunteer at Sea as a Compassionate Pirate

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😍 I have an incredible opportunity to volunteer at sea for my favourite charity and help them on their campaign to end whaling in Iceland🐳

by Erica Kirk in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Hello Friends,

You know me as friend of the animals and nature, trying to make a positive difference in the world. 🌍

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Onshore - Ocean Conservation Charity Volunteer:

I have spent 3 years being an onshore volunteer for The Captain Paul Watson Foundation - UK, Charity (Formerly Sea Shepherd UK) and absolutely loved every minute. I have met so many amazing people and had some extremely emotional and life changing experiences.

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Over the last year I have been extremely honoured to be part of the CPWUK Ghost Net crew. However, it has always been a dream of mine to be part of a longer Global campaign at sea.

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Recently I have had the great privilege in helping prepare the John Paul DeJoria Global fleet ship for the campaign operation Ice Storm. These days of volunteering led to the unique opportunity of being asked to be a Deck Hand on the campaign.

My Next Adventure as Crew for Operation Ice-Storm Campaign: 

The aim of this new campaign is to shut down Icelandic commercial Fin whaling.

“Commercial whaling was outlawed in 1986 when the International Whaling Commission declared a global moratorium on whaling. Fin whales are universally protected under international conservation law.”

“There is a merciless ruthless storm threatening Fin whales in Icelandic waters, a storm of cruel explosive harpoons in the hands of a cetacean serial killing fanatic. CPWF job is to calm these waters down and to make the North Atlantic a safe place for whales once again.”

Why I Need Your Help:

I am currently not working, which means I have the time to volunteer but lack the funds needed.

I am using all my savings, but I will likely be away at sea on the campaign for up-to 3 months.

I don’t like asking for money, especially in this current time but if you are able to spare some money to help fund my dream, I would be so very grateful.

What Will Your Money Support?

Additional Travel Expenses:  The John Paul DeJoria is departing from Hull however there is a possibility once the campaign is over that I will need to fly back from another country, as part of my commitment as being part of the crew I need to show I have sufficient funds available for this eventuality.

Travel and Health Insurance: As you can guess given the circumstances, and understandably so this is expensive for 3 months at sea.

Clothes / Equipment: PPE and work clothing is provided while onboard, but I do need to get some additional work clothes and would like the opportunity to purchase my own PPE.  

Bills: I will still have to pay some bills while I am away which is unavoidable unfortunately.


😍Thank You 😍 

Any support whether financial or emotional is appreciated, when possible, I will provide updates but you can follow the campaign on social media.




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