Enough is Enough

by Transgender Trend in London, England, United Kingdom

Enough is Enough
We did it
On 28th June 2019 we successfully raised £66,278 with 828 supporters in 28 days

Join us in the fight to end an ideology that is causing untold harm to children and young people

by Transgender Trend in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We have projects in development for teaching resources, a training programme, a book for teenage girls and books and resources for ASD children and young people.

We are already attracting the best illustrators, children's authors, poets and book designers to work with us and we want to extend this work much further to create a range of classroom resources for all ages.

We know that if parents want to challenge existing materials it makes a huge difference to be able to offer an alternative. We want to produce those alternatives. 

We also want to be able to influence the debate more widely and ultimately re-establish science as the foundation of teaching and the basis of approach and treatment of children and young people experiencing gender dysphoria. Adequate funding would enable us to attend international conferences and influence people at the highest level, it would buy us time to do crucial research and investigation and to ensure that our information and analysis is seen by policy makers and those with influence in Health and Education. 



This campaign from Transgender Trend is a Call for Action to turn back the tide of gender ideology sweeping across schools and children's services.


Who are we? 

Transgender Trend is the only UK organisation calling for an evidence-based approach to understanding the upsurge in children and young people being identified as transgender.


Transgender Trend is the only UK organisation promoting Equality Act compliant in-schools resources for children and young people, independently assessed as the most consistent with Technical Guidance for Schools in England issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


Transgender Trend is leading international campaigns calling for a sensible discussion and evidence-based research and scientific inquiry into the treatment of children experiencing gender confusion.


Transgender Trend founder Stephanie Davies-Arai advocates for a more nuanced approach to the care and support of gender non-conforming children and young people, coordinating the UK response of families, transgender people, clinicians, teachers, policy makers, government ministers and Members of the House of Lords who are worried about the unprecedented numbers of children and young people embarking on the transition pathway. Evidence of the emergence of rapid onset of gender dysphoria, together with growing concern among scientific and medical research communities about the known and unknown harms of puberty blockers and hormone interventions suggests the need for caution.

What do we do? 

Diligent and careful analysis of data and issues, and tireless campaigning being undertaken by Transgender Trend  is making people sit up and take notice of immense concern about the presence of unregulated lobby groups in UK educational and medical services.

There is no level playing field in this debate:

  • transgender lobby group Mermaids received £500,000 funding from the Big Lottery; transgender lobby groups are funded by charities such as Children in Need; Stonewall, Mermaids and Educate and Celebrate have received government funding, whereas Transgender Trend receives nothing
  • we face organised campaigns to discredit our work, for example: Stonewall advising school authorities that our schools pack is "damaging"and not to use it; petitions against us resulting in public apologies from the BACP newsletter 'Therapy Today' and recently, Imperial College
  • we deal with endless defamation, attempts to silence us and relentless personally-targeted harassment on social media such as Twitter, for example from individuals associated with Mermaids charity; Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence and other transgender activists spreading lies about our motivations and our resources


#EnoughIsEnough What do we need? 

We urgently need to extend our vital research, publication, training and campaigning, and  activities to further promote national and international understanding of the best ways to support children and young people grappling with gender issues.

We want to close the gap between richly funded ideological lobby groups and our own unfunded evidence-based voluntary work to support families, schools, policy makers and all providers of services for children and young people.

To do this we need to fund:

  • Salary costs for full time coordination of Transgender Trend and part time research, administration, accountancy and campaign posts
  • Resource production and distribution costs for our School Resources including new safeguarding and children’s rights resources and children's books currently commissioned and in production
  • Website costs and maintenance
  • Legal defence costs against libel
  • Travel and conference fees

We receive no funding for our work except for donations from individual supporters.

We thank everyone who has previously donated funds via our website, we really do appreciate any amount, large or small. All financial contributions enable us to continue our essential research, projects and background work which we know is imperative for protecting the bodily and psychological integrity of our children and young people.


We must find the financial backing to enable Transgender Trend to stand against transgender lobby groups. 

Please support us to continue our vital work. We need to take on the dangers of gender identity ideology on a much more significant scale than we have previously had capacity to do. 


We feel emboldened to launch this campaign by the never ending appeals we receive from families, schools, communities and politicians needing support for their response to transgender lobby groups.

Please support us. #EnoughIsEnough

Thank you.

The Transgender Trend Team. 

*We have made some changes to the wording of our crowdfunder to more accurately reflect who we are and what we do.

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