Enough is Enough

by Transgender Trend in London, England, United Kingdom

Enough is Enough
We did it
On 28th June 2019 we successfully raised £66,278 with 828 supporters in 28 days

Join us in the fight to end an ideology that is causing untold harm to children and young people

by Transgender Trend in London, England, United Kingdom

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Janine Humphrey 28th June 2019

Second donation - sorry it can’t be more. Thank you so much for all you do, you have been a real help to me. Thank you and keep fighting.

Karen VodkaVixen 28th June 2019

Thank you so much for everything you do. You’ve given me the resources to be able to speak candidly with my daughters’ schools.

Julia Saville-Hippely 28th June 2019

You do amazing work! You are so brave and determined in the face of blind criticism. Never doubt that you are making a huge difference for children. Thank you so much!

tanya-jones 28th June 2019

Having struggled with the reality of my biological sex as a child, I am alarmed at how societal pressures on children are now being interpreted as individual decisions. It is vitally important that children are able to give informed consent if, after careful assessment, it is decided that transition is the answer.

Pippa Banham 28th June 2019

You are doing a phenomenal job in the face of hostility and gross misrepresentation. Thank you for being a much needed clear, calm and objective voice in this debate

Camilla Mills 27th June 2019

Thank-you Stephanie and the team for all the long hours and diligent work you put in to advocate for evidence-based treatment - despite relentless attempts to silence and defame you xx

Marie Almond 26th June 2019

I'm so pleased your wonderful resource exists offering schools an alternative to the dangerous and ideological agenda of Mermaids, Stonewall and Gendered Intelligence. Thank you for all your work.

Liz Robertson 26th June 2019

The work done by Stephanie Davies-Araii and Transgender Trend is immensely valuable in providing a scientifically informed alternative to the ideological narrative put forward by transgender activists and lobbyists. Safeguarding of ALL children and support of ALL children is essential. Thank you Stephanie. Enough is Enough!

Elizabeth Geelan 26th June 2019

Thankyou for such inspiring work protecting us and our children. Though I only have little bits to give financially atm I work to emulate your ethics, research and standards here in Oz on behalf of our sex. Others like me, lost in obscurity, are finding our voices through you and are Rising. Thankyou XXX

Nicole Diamond 25th June 2019

Thank you very much Transgender Trend for your critical reasoning, willingness, and tireless efforts to safeguard and protect all children's bodies and psycholocal wellbeing, women, and parental rights from being exploited and abused by advocated practices in the absence of evidence-based research, and diligent and careful thought on the short and long term consequences for all.

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